Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Different Symptoms of Low Estrogen

Here we will look at the imbalance in estrogen level. The symptoms that follow when estrogen levels drop are:

·                    Irregular or Missed menstruation:  

The function of Estrogen in women is to help uterus to receive fertilized egg from ovaries. After the age of 40-50 years the ovaries stop functioning and cause less or complete cessation of menstruation. Women whose ovaries have stopped functioning also suffer from hot flashes. It is the primary indication of low estrogen. 

·                    The Skin

Due to low estrogen, related to menopause, the skin gets affected and appears dryer and easily develop acne. The dryness of skin can be cured with estrogen replacement therapy, but is not safe because it can cause other health problems. It is concluded through research that supplements which contain red clover isoflavones can maintain elasticity and firmness of skin and help in reducing effects on skin due to decrease in estrogenlevel.

·                    Bones

Thinning of bones or osteoporosis is another known symptom of showing decrease in estrogen level. After menopause, estrogen level drops and this lack of estrogen slows down the absorption of calcium and vitamin D in body, both of which are the basic requirement for keeping healthy and strong bones. Therefore following menopause, after the age of 50 years, it is important for women to take calcium and vitamin D supplements to reduce the symptoms of decrease in estrogen.

·                    Sexuality        

It has been proved that estrogen level plays an important role in women's sexual health. Vaginal dryness and thinness is caused by Low estrogen, which makes the intercourse painful and thus decreases sex desire in women. The lack of sex desire again causes vaginal disorders.

But on the other hand, in some women, in spite of vaginal dryness, sex drive increases after menopause as there is no risk of pregnancy. Vaginal dryness, in most cases can be relieved by using any K-Y lubricants.

·                    The Brain

After menopause, most women suffer from:

- Mood swings
- Fatigue
- Depression
- Anxiety
- Headaches
- Memory problems
- Trouble concentrating

It is noted that women who went through anxiety and depression before their menopause are likely to have these symptoms more after the menopause. It is necessary to treat depression especially if it is leading to suicidal thoughts.

Mild depression and mood swings due to low estrogen level can be treated with natural anti-depressants. Some symptoms of low estrogen can also be reduced with dietary supplements.

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