Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bipolar Disorder Books - The Best Three Reads For Manic Depression

Are you flustered on how to deal with your illness? Perhaps you have a friend who has this disorder and you are looking for a book on bipolar disorder? Maybe you have a spouse who has recently been diagnosed, and you are wondering how your relationship can work. For all of these situations, you should check out your local library or bookstore and peruse these three titles.

1.) Bipolar Disorder for Dum-mies

Bipolar Disorder for Dum-mies, by Candida Fink, is one of those books that provides an excellent overview of a subject. Not only does this resource contain self-help techniques and advice on the latest medications and therapies, but this bipolar book also teaches friends and families how to deal with someone who is suffering from this illness.

2.) The Everything Health Guide to Adult Bipolar: Reassuring Advice to Help You Cope

This book on bipolar disorder is written by Jon Bloch, and includes about every topic imaginable, including how to deal with relationships if you or someone you love is bipolar, as well as symptoms and how to receive the proper diagnosis. Even better, everything is put into simple to understand terms, so there is no confusing doctor jargon to worry about.

3.) Loving Someone With Bipolar Disorder: Understanding and Helping Your Partner

By Julie A. Fast, this book was included in the top three because of the rarity of the subject matter. Millions of Americans love someone with bipolar disorder, and many marriages are destroyed because this illness is left untreated. This book is written purely from the perspective of learning to deal with a partner who is bipolar, and includes plenty of first hand accounts of relationships. If you are searching for love and don't know what you are getting into, this bipolar book is a must read.

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