Monday, April 7, 2014

Changing Your Life - From Listless Depression to Passionate Purpose

Depression, the feeling of complete hopelessness, where your spirit is tired and any activity seems to be too much work. The mind and body become tired at the simple thought of standing up even though there is a part of the mind that knows that a walk, exercise or some other activity would be of benefit. It feels as though is would be too much effort to even stand, like a heavy lead suit is being worn, which is so heavy to move. Sleep appears to be the only answer; it is the simplest and easiest escape from the cause of the depression.

Depression seems to be the body's reaction to something that the mind can not deal with. A problem that is so completely overwhelming that there appears to be no possible solution. The problem can be one thing or a combination of many; it can be physical, mental, emotional, financial or spiritual problems. The mind's inability to deal with the problems causes the body to step back and shut down. A form of protection, it slows the body's impulses so that the mind and soul are able to hide from the perceived problem.

Is the depression truly a problem or is it in fact a cry from the soul for the mind and body to create changes to how the person has been living. Is it an internal red stop light, a clue from your soul that the path you have been on needs to be altered, adjusted or completely abandoned and corrected altogether? Is depression the soul's way of stopping the activities that one has been doing, so there is time to look inside to find the path that would serve us better?

What happens when we choose not to listen to the advice of the soul? When we are ignoring the call of our soul are we creating an ongoing battle with bouts of depression? A battle that comes and goes, leaving us to continue walking the path of our own unhappiness for a while longer, and then resurfacing to see if we are ready to make the life changes that the soul is calling for.

Depression often occurs when the same things keep happening repeatedly. The life path has become a crooked circle that leads no where except back onto itself, again and again in a limitless loop. So does the soul use depression as a tool to slow the body down, so the mind can see that it is walking the same path for the 10th, 20th or even the 100th time around? Is this slowing down the souls way of giving the body and the mind a chance to ask for something more, for an escape from the monotony of life? Or is it the soul's way of demanding something more, to help the body and mind to find a door where there was no door before?

The soul longs to open a door to a new existence, to a new path. A path filled with purpose, passion, joy and happiness. A path that leads to a reason for living, to show us something more, a life filled with purpose.

How does a life filled with purpose compare to a life of depression? A life of depression is a life of survival, with a sense of being lost, feeling hopeless, scared and worried. A life of depression is often empty of joy, inspiration, and fun, with no reason for its existence; of just getting by, but not knowing why.

By comparison, a life of purpose, passion and joy is a life being thoroughly lived, with a reason and a much greater meaning than we can actually see. However we can feel the difference, the energy, the internal drive and confidence, the creative thoughts and the sense of joy and accomplishment.

So how does a person shift from a life of depression, hopelessness and fear to open their heart, mind and soul to embrace a life of purpose, passion and joy? There is no magic formula, no special pill or quick and easy exercise. What is available is a variety of tools that can assist a person in creating the desired shift. Which combination of tools will work for you? It is a process of trial and error and that is ok. Some tools feel so right like an exercise that rejuvenates you or a book that brings you hope. Other tools are not as effective for you, even though your friend, family or coworker swears by them, you tried them and just could not feel any benefit and that too is ok.

Making the effort to try is a sign to your soul and to the higher power of the Universe that you are sincere in creating change in your life. That you are listening to the whispers of your own soul's desire and are ready to claim a life filled with purpose. Use the tools to change your energy to a higher level, find a reason to create a shift and forgive yourself for staying stuck in a place that you truly did not want to be in!

Living your life on purpose occurs when you decide what things you passionately want in life. Passion is the fuel that your heart and soul uses to get what you desire. Make the commitment to yourself, to your future, to think about your life. Create a plan, just for you. Are you ready to discover what you really want from life? Is it time to bring purpose, passion and hope into your world and use them to change your life?

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