Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Daily Depression Symptoms

Depression is a word we use in our every day conversations. It's not necessarily a word that is accurately used these days, however. We use it from every mood that we have from feeling a little blue to really being chemically imbalanced and depressed.

What are the depression symptoms that we can really trust and actually acknowledge as depression?
It really depends on the individual. But, in most cases, the symptoms of depression are really just a mood that can be overcome and brought back to a constructive life of the person who is feeling the symptom.

But, how do you know if your symptoms are a real depression or a mood that can be overcome?
Here are some examples that are assumed to be mood disorders or learned behaviors that can be overcome.


If there is a person who always something done to him/her and can never get a break, chances are that person has a victim mindset. These people are continually down and out. They are perceived to be depressed, but the reality is they just have a poor mindset and outlook on life. There's really no depression involved. This individual can relearn how to look at life in a more positive way and accept the blessings they miss every day.


This person can be a victim but more times than not, this person is just a fatalist. Everything is presented with a dull film. If you're in a good mood and feeling on top of the world, do not talk to the person. He/She will suck every last drop of light out of the room. You will leave the conversation with this person feeling like you want to go to bed yourself. This is not depression. It is not a depression symptom. It is a learned behavior. The good news is this behavior can be unlearned and turned around that will not be so draining on the mind.


Cynical people are assumed to be negative and sometimes depressed. Sometimes this is true. Sometimes it isn't. Cynical people do not necessarily have an automatic symptom of depression. They are just skeptical. Once again, this is usually a learned behavior. Behaviors are learned. Good or bad, they are learned. That means they can be unlearned and substituted with more productive thought processes

So if you fall into one of these categories or know some who does, and they claim to be depressed, know this - they may exhibit some of the symptoms. But it doesn't necessarily mean they are depressed. They may just have a learned behavior that they can't shake.

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