Friday, April 11, 2014

How To Stay Happy!

Happiness is a state of mind! Have you ever met someone who just seemed to be happy no matter what was going on in his or her life? They are pretty hard to find these days, but they are out there. What is the secret to their happy existence? What makes them stay happy even though it seems that the whole world around them has come crashing down?

These people know that true happiness is not based upon their circumstances. They know that in life, disappointments, hand ups, let downs and difficulties happen to everyone. Sometimes it seems like someone is out to get you! The movie, "The Pursuit of Happiness" was based on a true story of a man who was the single parent of a small boy. There were extreme trials his life took him through before he finally came out of it all with the true happiness he was seeking. He kept his faith, stayed the course and against all odds kept a positive outlook on life. If you have never seen the movie, I highly recommend that you do! It is an extremely good one in that it is very inspirational, encouraging and at the end, uplifting!

True happiness is not found in money! Many people think that if they only had a bunch of money, they would be truly happy! That is just not the case. Some of the unhappiest people in the world are also some of the richest people in the world. Look at the drug use and suicide rate of the rich and famous! Money can buy you things, bit it cannot buy you true love or real happiness!

True happiness comes from within! It takes a solid and unwavering determination to be happy! One must have a "no matter what" mindset! We must be thankful for what we do have and should not complain about what we do not have. A good way to accomplish this is to make a "Blessings Journal." Sometimes when tough times or circumstances hit, we seem to forget just how blessed we actually are! Everyday write down 5 new things you are blessed with and thankful for. If you are really struggling with this, you likely have hands, feet, eyes, ears, and a nose. That starts you out. The second day, you can be thankful for you bed, the roof over your head, one of your friends, your health, and the fact that you are alive etc...

Singing happy songs can really help too! Try to make some songs up; it works the best of all! Nobody will hear them but you, so who cares if they are off-key or don't sound all that great! Just sing words of thanks and sing about how you won't let things get you down! Sing things like: "I know things are going to get better!" "I am glad to be alive and I know I will make it through this!" Keep positive! Keep yourself from thinking negative thoughts. When one comes into your mind, reject it! Say out-loud so you can hear it yourself, "I reject that thought and my miracle is waiting just around the corner! I know everything will soon be better!"

Do whatever you can to help make things better. If you have lost your job, as so many of us have lately, work diligently at getting another one. And if the job you wanted went to someone else, just say, "Well, I guess there is an even better one waiting around the bend for me!"

If you believe in prayer this is a good time to be praying. I have found it to be one of the most powerful forces on earth.

The fact is you have a choice to either be happy or be depressed. You choose which one you will be. Depression is stifling and will rob you of your incentive. It is like quicksand, always wanting to pull you down! There are no productive properties in depression at all! Happiness is just the opposite. It will produce positive thoughts and inventive ideas. Happiness is the key to success and victory! When one is happy, everything is moving forward whether it is actually visible or not. The universe and creativity are working with you and not against you when you are in a positive mind-set! So hold your head up high, be positive and happy and don't let that evil robber depression have its way with you! You will come out on top if you are down right determined to be happy! "Don't Worry, Be Happy!"

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