Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Natural Depression Remedy: No Drugs, 5 Powerful Tips!

Depression affects somewhere around 20 million people each year the United States, or roughly 9% of the adult population. Depression is taking its toll among teens, and even children. as well. Approximately 13% of teens have clinical levels of depression, and with children in the U.S., depression is the #1 mental disorder. Theories on the causes of depression range from stress, to food additives, drug interactions, chemical imbalances, air pollution, economic factors, and many others.

Typical treatments for depression involve antidepressants, which brings along side effects and other health considerations. Consequently, more and more people are looking for other ways to reduce or get rid of depression. So, here are some simple things you can do that don't require drugs or strange therapies:

Natural Depression Remedy #1 Get some sunlight! Sunlight increases the brain levels of serotonin, our happy chemical. Just 15 minutes a day can make a real difference. Make sure your kids get a little sunlight, too-they, like so many Americans, are now spending upwards of 90% of their time indoors, getting very little of the sunlight we all need for optimum physical and mental health.

Natural Depression Remedy #2 Breathe deeply outside! The amount of oxygen present in outside air is generally higher than what you are breathing inside your home or office. So when you're feeling depressed, go outside and breathe deeply---in for 8 counts, out for 10 counts. This will saturate the blood (and the brain) with oxygen. More oxygen to the brain = more energy, alertness, less of that 'tired' feeling. Even during the winter months, if weather conditions aren't unbearable, go outside and do something for 15 minutes and breathe. It can really make a difference in how you feel the rest of your day.

Natural Depression Remedy #3 Consider the Power of Negative Ions University studies have shown that negative ions can relieve feelings of depression about as well as antidepressants! Oh really? Yes. Negative ions are naturally produced in nature by sunlight, lightning, waves crashing on the beach, which cause air molecules to break apart, releasing 'negative ions' or atoms with an overall negative charge. Ever feel refreshed when walking on the beach near the water, or after opening a window right after a thunderstorm? It's the negative ions in the air!

Negative ions increase oxygen to the brain, and as we said earlier, more oxygen to the brain means you're going to feel better. Now, we don't want an ozone generator, as ozone has been proven to be harmful. Many of the better air purifiers use healthy negative ions, such as OH- ions that will do the job nicely without any known side effects.

PS: Most people are unaware that air conditioning removes healthy negative ions, and this accounts for a lot of the occasions where we feel 'sluggish', tired, 'cranky' while indoors. In fact, the air in most homes and offices registers a 'zero' on the negative ion scale, so it's no wonder we're often cranky at work! LOL!

Natural Depression Remedy #4: Consider an air purifier A quality air purifier such as the Blueair 450E This air purifier has a true HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter, and activated carbon can remove elements floating around in your air-dust, pet dander, dust mites, chemicals, mold spores, plus negative ions to destroy bacteria & viruses.

Many people do not realize that they begin to feel depressed as a result of not feeling very well. Sometimes just feeling sluggish or tired can lead to an overall 'depressed' feeling. And many times, the airborne particles, chemicals, and other toxins in the home / office are the culprits! This part of the reason that we generally feel better outside in fresh air!

Natural Depression Remedy #5: Drink more purified water Many people do not realize that drinking water actually puts oxygen into your cells, thereby increasing the amount of oxygen going to the brain. So get a good filter (even a Brita pitcher from Walmart will work) and drink your 8, 8 oz cups or 4, 16 oz glasses a day-it can improve your mood!

To Your Health!

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