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Stress and Anger - Symptoms and Management

Stress crumbles your body's immune system and makes you look older than your age. Not only does it bring about negative physical changes but also affects your biochemical state with extra adrenal steroids in the blood stream. Frequent headaches, anxiety, frequent mood swings, sadness, anger, frustration and depression are some of the most common effects of stress. Stress and anger affect your overall health and may cause serious physical and mental health problems in long run. In order to manage your stress and anger, focus on holistic living. It is an approach that nourishes your mind, body and soul and helps you to stay happier and peaceful throughout your life.

Stress and Anger Symptoms

Stress and anger affect your body, mind and behaviour in several ways. It is not necessary that everyone suffering from stress and depression exhibit same symptoms. It affects different people in different ways. Some may experience high degree of stress symptoms while some may exhibit only physical symptoms depending upon the degree of stress and anger.

Physical Symptoms

Physical symptoms of stress include dizziness, excessive sweating, breathlessness, nail biting, constipation, diarrhea, nervous twitches, cramps, chest pain, heart diseases, upset stomach, back pain, frequent headaches, heart palpitations, decreased immunity, high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, aging, frequent cold, pins and needles, tingling sensation, restlessness, insomnia, loss of sexual desire, heart ailments and muscular aches. It may sometimes result in a stroke or heart attack.

Mental Symptoms

Mental symptoms of stress include anxiety, irritability, restlessness, unnecessary worrying, sadness, depression, loneliness, anger, and feeling of insecurity, lack of focus, depression, burnout, tiredness, difficulty concentration, forgetfulness and loss of mental balance.

Behavioral Symptoms

Stress not only affects your physical and mental well being but messes up your life. Frequent episodes of stress also affect your day-today behaviour. It results in overeating, under eating, forgetfulness, increased smoking, frequent crying spells, angry outburst, loss of temporary memory, social withdrawal, relationship conflicts, drug or alcohol abuse, increased or suppressed anger, lack of interest in work, excessive emotion, loss of sense of humor, feeling out of control, unable to concentrate on anything, feeling helpless or inferior etc.

Studies have shown that about 60-70 percent adults are suffering from stress and depression due to their hectic work schedules, relationship conflicts and unmanaged lifestyle. Around 30-40 percent people visit psychiatrists while rest indulge themselves in drinking smoking and drug abusing. Few adults attempt to suicide.

Stress and Anger Management

Yoga and meditation are found to be very effective in managing stress and anger. Practicing yoga and meditation regularly helps you relieve your tension and stress and makes you feel relaxed and happier.

Some relaxation techniques including exercise, deep breathing, music therapy, natural walks, a warm and hot bath, body stretching, humor, diversion and distraction help greatly in stress management.

Reexamining your reactions and spending time with your loved ones are the best anger management techniques. This way you can assess your extreme behaviour and discover the possible solutions to bring a positive change in yourself.

Holistic living can help to a great extent in managing your stress and anger. The concept is all about living a balanced and healthy life while being close to nature. It not only includes physical well being but also includes your other dimensions such as your body, mind and soul. It brings out a complete change over in your personality and thought process. You become more relaxed and happier.

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