Sunday, January 19, 2014

Work Stress - Who Is To Blame - It May Be You

Having fun with your co-workers is an ideal way to remove work stress. It can be done easily so that it doesn't disrupt work or take time away from work. But adding fun activities can lighten the mood in a time of stress, and can increase productivity and job performance. Which will lead give you more time, to spare for fun activities.

Many people believe playing practical jokes on people in the office is a fun way to relieve stress and tension. It may relieve your tension but add to the person who is the result of the joke. So steer clear of activities like this because it can lead to many disastrous events and upheavals. A few joke telling sessions are okay, but disrupting a co-workers computer can send someone over the edge if they are also under stress and rundown. So have fun, but make it fun for everyone.

Some activities to try include to eliminate work stress ...

Secret Santa

Choosing names out of a hat and secretly giving someone a gift without them knowing it is you can be rewarding for them and you. Gifts can be serious and appreciative, or fun and exciting. The longer you keep the secret, the better. It doesn't just have to be kept until Christmas to use these games. Work stress is all year round ... so this can be done at anytime.

Secret Admirer

This is similar to the Secret Santa, but you can use gifts or notes to a person. Just telling some co-worker they are doing a good job and that you appreciate it can bring a smile to them, and yourself. Having a few quotes that are humorous, a joke or two that you leave in their pigeon hole or desk can just lighten the day. But have fun and be inventive with what you do.

Social Club

This is a must. Even if half of the staff doesn't want to be involved, do it anyway. You will find others will join as the word spreads. This can eliminate work stress when you need to remove stress the most.

But collect money, only small amounts and put it into an account for fun activities. It could be a night out, a dinner or various activities.

We go to a place for Laser-Strike. A shooting thing sounds not too good, but with lasers. Teams search each other out in a darkened warehouse and shoot with lasers. Fun and exciting, but a physical running around activity. Mix the teams up, boys versus girls, management versus staff or whatever. Remember, this is to reduce work stress ... so no picking on certain people.

But make it a regular event, but fun oriented rather than just down to the bar for a drink. Introduce a trophy to the winner as you change the activities, so it can be a sports outing or whatever.

You don't even have to spend money. A house to house (progressive) dinner, where everyone provides a different dish to eat, can be fun. It is a party on wheels going from house to house. Hire a bus to transport you to remove the drink driving issue. Getting to know your work mates helps to reduce work stress easily.

But think up ideas, put them into a hat and draw one out each week, month or whenever. But aim to have fun, get to know your work mates and colleagues ... and most importantly ... reduce work stress!

The boss will appear more approachable, workers will appear happier. But the workplace will thrive. More enjoyment, more understanding of everyone's stress, a collective approach to a lot of work stress issues. But staff will tend to talk more; issues won't be swept under the table, but kept in the open and dealt with early.

A fun activity and beneficial for the workplace as a whole. Best of all, something to look forward to at the end of a busy day, week and month. Remember, it is the work stress that affects you most. Stress can be almost constant in today's' society. Work stress can be eliminated by getting together with your work mates with the goal to ... reduce work stress!

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