Friday, January 24, 2014

Cute Friendship Quotes and Jokes

People just love to have a good laugh and enjoy life. This is why we read jokes and funny stories. However you might not know it but there are lots of quote cute and friendship quotes that will do this trick as well.

The main difference between funny cute quotes and jokes is the length. Most of the jokes are pretty long because this are like a short story. On the other side on the coin, the quotes are much shorter and can combine a deep meaning within just few words. The common thing between the two is that they can both be real. A quote or a joke always has a little bit of true, it is something that has been existing in the past and preserved until our very own time. There are also special joke that called "one liner" those types are resemble to the quotes because of the short length.

However there is one big difference between friendship quotes and jokes. The propose of the quotes is not only to make you smile but also to teach you a lesson. There is a lot of wisdom in the quotes world so if we read carefully those words and try to see behind the line and figuring out the deep meaning we can see that although it's funny it has a valuable lesson for us.

For example this cute quote by Harry S. Truman: "You know that it is a recession when your friend loses his job, but it is a depression when you lose yours." When bad things happen to other people we sometimes don't notice and even laugh on it just to keep the bad things out of our lives. But when it affects us than it is really tragedy for us. Although these world are represented like a little joke, it is actually true when we speaking on the surviving human nature.

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