Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Test

Unfortunately, those who suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome have no definitive way to test for the condition to see if they truly have it. The only true way to really check to see if you are suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is by professional observance of the symptoms you are having, and to undergo a blood test at your doctor's office. Viruses such as the Epstein Barr virus, chemical imbalances in the body, or other illnesses such as cancer or infections has been thought to contribute or to cause the condition.

Since there is no definitive test that can tell whether or not a person may have it, there are some common symptoms associated with CFS such as extreme tiredness, weakness, drowsiness, depression, anxiety, appetite loss, mood swings, body aches, constant headaches, memory loss, and confusion. Compiling these symptoms along with blood work can be an indicator that a person may have the condition.

A blood test to determine if your body is chemically balanced is often recommended by physicians. If there is a chemical imbalance, certain supplements or foods can be added to your diet to help balance it out. Some health care professionals believe that a chemically imbalanced body can cause Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Undergoing a simple wellness checkup by your doctor may help determine whether or not you are suffering from CFS. During your wellness checkup, symptoms can be documented that may point to CFS. Some doctors may then determine to test for viral or bacterial infections as well. They may even do blood test or some other test to see if you possibly could have cancer or a disease that could be causing symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Once the symptoms and causes are determined, the condition can often be treated or sometimes even cured. If you are suffering from the symptoms of this condition, be sure to consult with your doctor about the best way to test for and treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

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