Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Is Audio-Based Brainwave Entrainment Safe?

In a word, yes.

Brainwave entrainment is a scientifically proven technological tool that introduces rhythmic, repeated sound and/or light stimulus to the brain with the intention of altering its major brainwave frequency to that of the stimulus, changing its state of consciousness.

Each brainwave state has unique benefits and entrainment is a way to consciously access a desired state, under your direction.

You listen to a brainwave entrainment recording, and depending on what it is you wish to experience, your brain will match the frequency on the recording, and alter your state of mind.

Brainwave entrainment is an easy to use, personal therapeutic tool, that can be used safely in the privacy of your own home.

Why Audio Entrainment Is Safe

  • Sound-based brainwave work is generally considered safe.

  • Is considered by the scientific and medical community as a completely safe therapeutic tool.

  • Brainwave entrainment uses the body's own natural processes to create a desired state. The brain naturally follows or mimics any rhythmic, repeated stimulus.

  • Doesn't replace medical or psychological treatment but works as a great complementary therapy.

  • Has been studied and built upon over 75 years of research and clinical trials by the scientific community.

  • Research published to date indicates significant changes associated with relaxation responses such as reduced muscle tension, positive changes in brainwave activity, increased vasodilation, reductions in gastric acid output, reductions in blood pressure, pulse, respiration and heart rate. Significant reductions in clinical depression, anxiety, and specific fibromyalgia symptoms have been revealed. All candidates for the trials experienced beneficial and safe effects.

Some Possible Side-Effects

  • Should not be used by anyone who has epilepsy (this is more prudent with visual entrainment), a pacemaker, or has seizures.

  • Few people have had a bad trip from listening to entrainment. This may more likely happen if they are already under the influence of a mind altering substance.

  • Can experience some emotional upheaval as brain forms and makes new connections, but this will diminish quickly.

  • Tones or beats may be a little uncomfortable in the beginning and give you a headache. If this happens, turn down the volume until you get used to the session.

Brainwave entrainment allows you to train your brain to experience any state of consciousness, in a safe and easy manner. You personally can create, using an entrainment recording, the right conditions for relaxation, visualization, learning, meditation, pain-control, stress relief, sleep, and many more states of mind.

By stimulating naturally occurring brainwave frequencies, you can turn on the right types of mind sets that you need to perform certain tasks.

Brainwave entrainment does not have any of the side effects of medication and is part of a process that happens to you naturally many times a day.

Audio-based brainwave entrainment is a safe way to heal.

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