Monday, January 20, 2014

How to Recognize Depression - Top 5 Signs

Are you suffering from depression? Are you having tough time recognizing the symptoms and signs of depression? In this article you find top 5 signs of depression which can help you in recognizing the disease.

If somebody is having following signs then it is a good idea to start with the treatment of depression. There are many signs and symptoms of depression. Let's discuss the most important signs of depression.

1. Low Mood - Person suffering from depression have persistent bad mood. There is no effect of external conditions on his mood.

2. Anxiety - A person suffering from depression most probably complains of anxiety too. He or she can be very easily irritated.

3. Weight Loss - Loss of appetite is one of the symptoms of depression which can result in weight loss - A depressed person can also complain of constipation or diarrhea.

4. Loss of Libido - Loss of libido is one of the most common symptoms found in depressed people.

5. Thoughts of Suicide - This sign is found at the later stages of depression. A person having suicidal thoughts needs permanent support and professional help.

The most common treatment given to depression patients is anti depressants. But as we all know antidepressants have lots of serious side effects. So it is not a good idea to go for pills. Nowadays there is a lot of talk about natural treatments of depression. I would recommend you to go for natural therapies and remedies. It is a good idea to do some research before you choose best possible therapy or remedy.

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