Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Understanding Symptoms of Depression and How to Deal With Them

Symptoms of depression are crucial to understand given that they can be the indications that will help us determine whether or not people we love are struggling with depression. In fact, these signs may be a part of our usual lows when dealing with problems or disheartening incidents and moments. However, should the signs persist and have a stronger impact to the individual; we should start suspecting that our beloved is in need of our help due to the mental illness he or she might face. Professional medical help is what you need to help the particular individual instead of taking these symptoms of depressions as his or her weaknesses.

Some people may experience different triggering causes that force the aforementioned signs to happen. Incidents like being fired or unemployed, delivering a baby, the deaths of beloved ones are only small examples that might cause people to fall into continuous sadness, bereavement and low mood. Quite a lot numbers of people are able to manage to face their hard moments in life. Unfortunately, many others fail to deal with their grieve and sorrows that lead them into a depression. In fact, such a condition does disable them to think rationally and move on living.

Learning the symptoms of depression may help us to find the right and proper treatment for the particular person. A mild mental illness may only need support, motivation and changes in life. However, a moderate and severe one may require professional medical help to deal with the complaint.

Here are the symptoms of depressions that have been categorized into 3 different areas for us to learn; they are:

1. Psychological signs

- Constant sadness and low mood

- Full of helpless and hopeless feeling

- Over-sentimental

- Guilty feeling

- Have no enjoyment

- Worry and anxious

- Have a minimum interest in things and motivation

2. Social signs

- Withdraw from social activities

- Avoiding to have contact with relatives and friends

- Having trouble in family life

- Decrease interests and hobbies, especially things he loves to do

3. Physical signs

- Have no interest in sex

- Have no energy in doing things

- Slowness in speaking or moving

- Losing (or, to some people gaining) weight and appetite

- Starting to feel pains and aches out of no reason

What to do when we have one or more symptoms of depression?

Should you find one or more of these aforementioned signs on you or people you love, do not panic. There is always a way to help you manage the issue. Change your lifestyle such as starting to build supportive relationships, dealing with stress, consume healthy food as a natural way to boost your mood, do some relaxation that suits you best or have a regular sleep and exercise could bring you into a thorough recovery from your current condition.

You can also try to build your emotional skill to increase your ability in coping with traumas, adversity, loss or tragedy in the past. Last but not least, you can seek for professional help to help you deal with this problem. Either method you choose to cope with your recent condition, you need to motivate yourself that you always have a hope that you will be fully recovered from such symptoms of depression.

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