Sunday, December 15, 2013

Overcoming Anxiety Naturally - Natural Cures For Depression and Anxiety

You may have been led to believe that cures for anxiety, panic attacks, or depression come only from pill bottles. That is simply untrue. The pills work to cure these conditions only if they are caused by chemical imbalances in the brain. Most of the drugs available by prescription only treat the symptoms, and only do that as long as you take them regularly. It has also been found that many of these drugs can have serious side effects while you are taking them or at withdrawal. There are natural remedies available to everyone; remedies without dangerous side effects.

Medical research has proven that exercise is important to reduce anxiety at any level. When you exercise, you release the endorphins (the "feel good hormones") your body produces naturally. Studies also indicate that several different dietary changes improve a person's ability to cope with stress. Removing alcohol, caffeine and nicotine form your system lowers stress because these substances are stimulants that fuel tension and anxiety. Increasing the amount of Vitamin B you ingest by getting lots of fresh leafy vegetables encourages the body's own natural relaxants. Increasing the amount of fresh fish ensures you get enough omega 3, which also encourages the body's own production of natural relaxants. Omega 3 and Vitamin supplements are also effective.

Tension can also be relieved with relaxation techniques such as yoga, popular because works many. Aromatherapy can also help. Try sprinkling essence of lavender on your bed pillows to help you get a sound night's sleep, essential to promote a relaxed body.

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