Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How to Cope With Mixed Anxiety Depressive Disorder - General Symptoms and Treatments

Anxiety and depression can be horrible debilitating conditions for those who suffer from it. These are two disorders which can at times can even exist together. People who suffer from the symptoms of both anxiety and depression can sometimes be diagnosed with a condition called mixed anxiety depressive disorder (MADD). If you feel you could have this condition, the common symptoms and treatments are described below.

Sufferers of MADD do not fit the criteria for one specific disorder but have a combination of symptoms. One common feature for those with this diagnosis is they have had a persistent and chronic period of approximately four weeks of being in a depressive mood. Some of the symptoms include:

* Insomnia and sleep disturbances

* Fatigue and loss of energy

* Tension

* Heart Palpitations

* Restlessness

* Irritability

* Hypervigilance

* Low self esteem

* Worry

* Loss of hope

The symptoms are not related to any medications or drug use, changes or distress in life, or any other type of medical condition. Sometimes, four or more of the symptoms will be present.

Treatment can include medications and therapy. Medications, such as anti-depressants, can help deal with the symptoms but therapy is needed to cure the one who suffers from this disorder. Cognitive Behavior Therapy is the treatment most often used. With Cognitive Behavior Therapy, people are shown how to alter their way of thinking and the way they act or react to reduce anxiety and depression symptoms. Relaxation, breathing and other coping techniques are also taught.

The above information is not medical advice, so if you think you may have mixed anxiety depressive disorder, please consider making an appointment with a mental health professional as soon as possible for diagnosis and treatment. There is help available. You will no longer need to suffer and you will be able to get back to living your life again.

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