Thursday, December 19, 2013

Meat - Your Key to Attacking Anxiety and Depression

There is no question that vegetarianism is a noble and worthwhile cause. That said, if your car requires gasoline to run, you would never dream of trying to put water in the gas tank. In a similar way, when you do not give your body the proper balance of foods, it simply will not run correctly. Oddly enough, meat deprivation can easily lead to all kinds of mental and emotional problems. Therefore, you may be surprised to find that attacking anxiety and depression may be as simple as eating more beef, or other meat that includes a full range of meat protein.

During the process of attacking anxiety and depression, you need to find out what your body requires in order to function properly. This includes finding out which proteins and other nutrients are required in order to produce hormones and other chemicals that make you feel better. No matter how bad you may feel about eating meat, you may be one of those people that simply needs to rely on a source of meat protein in order to have a normal sense of well being. Today, you don't have to buy meats that come from commercial farms, let alone the oceans. In fact, you may be able o find several small farms right in your area that sell meat from free ranging animals.

While you are attacking anxiety and depression, you have an opportunity to improve many aspects of your health. Are you anemic, or always tired? These may not be just symptoms of an emotional problem. Instead, they may be key indicators that you are not eating the right foods. Even though you may find it difficult to eat certain foods, you should do what you can to make sure that you listen to what your body needs, instead of what others try to tell you it needs.

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