Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dealing with Depressed People

Depressed people are not the life of the party. They're often extremely difficult to be around. They're moody, non-communicative, grumpy and generally dismal. Although they are not fun to be around, they are suffering. So, if you can recognize that a loved one isn't acting normal, you should try to do what you can for them, even if it's an extremely tortuous endeavor.

How Do You Know Someone's Depressed?

The illness manifests itself in many different ways however, there are many different ways to tell if a person is suffering from depression. They tend to remove themselves socially. For example, if you have a friend who continually declines social invitations, that might be a red flag. They may also be busy, so make sure to have a conversation with them before unilaterally diagnosing them.

They may also change their eating or drinking habits. They may forget to eat. They may also eat too much. The same goes for drinking alcohol. A person may turn to alcohol to cope with their feelings of hopelessness. If you have a friend who starts drinking more than usual, that may be another signal.

Depressed people have a hard time sleeping. They may sleep too much, but they also may not sleep enough. This is an indicator that you might not notice unless you live with the person.

People who are deep in a depression might start calling in sick to work. This is because the thought of getting dressed, leaving the house and going through their daily routine is simply too much effort. Their feelings of despair are so deep that they can't even function. Extremely cases may start talking about suicide. If you hear someone make reference to ending their life, it's absolutely critical that you get them help.

Why Should I Spend Any Time with a Depressed Person?

If you know someone like this, you should spend as much time with them as you can. They tend to remove themselves socially. They think isolating themselves will make them feel better, but it actually makes them feel worse. Getting depressed people out of the house will help get them to start thinking about something other than their feelings.

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