Saturday, October 5, 2013

What Does Clinical Depression Feel Like?

In this article I will be discussing clinical depression symptoms and what they feel like to those that suffer from this condition. If you are not already aware about clinical depression symptoms, than this article will definitely be a benefit to you especially if you or someone you know has depression. In addition, if you know someone that is suffering from depression to the point of where they may be suicidal please refer them to a medical expert. Many people who suffer from depression get suicidal.

Clinical depression symptoms have been described as severe feelings of loneliness, worthlessness, as well as sadness. Clinical depression is much more than just being sad, the condition is very repetitive to the point of anything and everything can become negative to you. A lot of sufferers from the condition of depression often isolate themselves away from everyone else. They may cry a lot or even pull over when driving to an empty parking lot just to cry. It should come as no surprise that those that have depression do not like others to know that they are sad. Which can surely cause several hardships throughout the course of time that your clinical depression is it's worse.

Often times, those with depression abuse the people that love them which sometimes leads to so much isolation that they never have a chance to say goodbye or apologize. These types of situations in conjunction with your already going depression can make for very intense episodes.

Clinical depression episodes usually occur when the suffer is delving into negativity. As we said before, the negative can take over the positive to a point where you now hate everything. You hate everything about yourself, you don't think you can do anything good, you don't think your life is doing okay, you think everyone hates you, you have a hard time with social functions, etc. This can make it very difficult to find help in the first place especially if you have social limitations within your depression.

Another bad thing about depression, is the fact that those with the condition often times want to sleep a lot. Sleeping levels in excess of 12 hours a day just because they can't deal with their everyday lives. This type of sleeping is not healthy to the body, especially when meals and fluids for the body are missed. One last tidbit of information for this article is the fact that those with depression are mainly running from life. Which is something that I believe everyone needs in their lives in order to function and be successful.

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