Thursday, October 3, 2013

Manic Depressive Disorder Can Be Successfully Managed

Manic depressive disorder (now known as bipolar disorder) is a mental disorder. Wikipedia indicates that 1% of the population of the world have bipolar disorder. There are many sources which quote an even higher percentage. The disorder can be very debilitating. However, it is one that, with a strong desire and a proper treatment regime, can be successfully managed.

Manic depressive disorder is said to be one of the worst mental disorders to be diagnosed with. You might ask how this can be. If you had manic depressive disorder you would know how this can be. The disorder can cause wild changes from mania to deep depression. Thus you have to face two extremely different mental conditions. There can be quick changes or the change from one to the other or it can take years.

You may be 100% clear of all manic or depressive symptoms. However the disorder can still be in full control of your life. Firstly, you can decide that you are now free of manic depression. This can lead to a decision to cease taking your medication. Amongst your medication most likely there were some called mood stabilizers. You are then left very much at risk of another bipolar episode. Suddenly you are gripped by bipolar all over again.

An alternative to this is fear. Whilst you are living without any bipolar symptoms you might be living in fear as to when the next episode will arrive. Unfortunately this is all too common amongst those of us with bipolar symptoms. The disorder can not only control the person who has the diagnosis. It can have a pronounced effect on their friends and loved ones. They too, find life difficult when an episode occurs. Also, they can live in fear of the next episode arriving.

If you are diagnosed with manic depressive disorder that diagnosis stays with you for the rest of your life. However that does not mean that the disorder has to control the rest of your life. There is good news for you. The disorder can be managed. I have read many comments on the internet of people saying how grateful they were to be properly diagnosed with the disorder. From there many have managed the disorder and regained control of their life.

About thirty years ago I was diagnosed with manic depressive disorder. The symptoms totally controlled my life. I felt that I could not continue my life in that fashion. My first thought was suicide. Clearly, my various attempts did not succeed. Today I am very grateful for this. Many people with the disorder consider this option. The American National Institute of Mental Health advises that 20% of those with the disorder successfully commit suicide.

I have mentioned that I have attempted suicide on a number of occasions. Today I am very grateful that all my attempts were unsuccessful. Seven years ago I met, and very quickly married (5 months for the curious) a wonderful lady. We are very happily married. Judy, my new wife has been a great source of strength in my management of manic depressive disorder.

I know that manic depressive disorder can be managed. I have learned to manage my own bipolar symptoms. I have known friends who have succeeded in managing their symptoms. There are references to countless such people on the internet. Basically I have achieved this by studying the disorder. I practiced what I learned about the disorder. It has worked for me. It has worked for many others. Why shouldn't it work for you?

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