Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Charles Schultz - Anxiety Disorder

Charles Schultz is a cartoonist who suffered from debilitating anxiety. Anxiety is an emotion everyone has experienced. Like many other ordinary individuals, celebrities and famous people like Charles Schultz, anxiety has also been a part of their lives. Being anxious causes changes in one's thinking like fear or worry, bodily functions and behavior, all of which only reinforce the feelings of distress. A little anxiety can be a good thing but too much anxiety is not. At a certain point, anxiety can impair one's abilities.

Being rich and famous does not necessarily mean being healthy. Rich people can buy anything and everything, but not health. They too, can't run away or hide from any health disorders such as anxiety disorder. Not only did Charles Schultz suffered from anxiety disorder. Other famous folks who suffered from an anxiety problem include Carly Simon, Aretha Franklin, Lani O'Grady, Michael English, Sir Laurence Olivier, Earl Campbell, Al Kasha, Emily Dickenson and even Nicolas Cage, Naomi Judd and Susan Pewter.

Cartooning is a tough life, with the most brutal deadlines imaginable. No wonder Charles Schultz had developed anxiety disorder. Maybe this is because of his stressful schedule that he should be able to catch up. Although Schultz depression and mood disorder could not be seen in his pencil and pen driven lines, there could be something inside him that makes his life difficult, isolating and paralyzing. That is, Charles Schultz had anxiety.

Many, if not most of us, have had contact with depression and anxiety, either in ourselves or in someone close to us. They can be source of shame, fear, grief and confusion. Yet almost no one is exempt. Well of course, including some talented and well known human beings. Many of them describe anxiety as, "a graveyard of buried hopes", "a shipwreck of the soul" or "the wing of the wind of madness". The point of the service today is to open up this topic in order to help each of us recognize depression and anxiety and help each other to live as it is. This is the name of our inherent value as persons and the interconnected nature of life in which we all partake...

Depression and anxiety disorders are despairing. It feels like nothing can stop that constant white noise and interior pain. Depression and anxiety disorders are also isolating. It can take away our ability to be present with one another, at precisely the times when we need it the most.

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