Saturday, October 5, 2013

Overcoming Depression With Visualization Techniques

It is perfectly normal for you to feel frustrated, angry, and sad, even all at the same time. However, if it goes on for a much longer period-and accompanied by headaches, anxiety attacks, loss of appetite, weight loss, and listlessness-it may mean something more serious. You could already be suffering from depression.

Depression is a disorder that is very common that it affects close to 20 million American adults every year. However, it is also usually ignored that 15 percent of those who are depressed will end up committing suicide due to lack of support or embarrassment of the situation.

If you think are you depressed or going into such path, know that you are definitely not alone. You have plenty of help. You can run to your friends and family. There are several support groups all over the country. You can also ask for medical help from your physician. Most of all, you can help yourself. One of these best ways is through visualization.

Visualization is simply creating images and new perceptions that will eventually change the way your mind thinks about your pressing challenges and disorder. Usually, the main gist in relation to depression is to help you combat the symptoms and get rid of the negative emotions that are usually associated with depression.

One technique is called sand sifting. In this visualization, you think of yourself as a butterfly net where you start to filter out the emotions you are currently feeling. You allow those bad vibes to pass through the small holes while you catch the good ones and permit them to linger a lot longer.

You can also follow the chalkboard method, where you imagine yourself writing down all the negative thoughts and feelings you currently have. Then with vigor or power, you grab a one huge board eraser and remove them from the board.

A very excellent visualization technique is to picture yourself out as a warrior willing to fight off the bad elements to make yourself the victor. You label every enemy as the things you hate about your life and think of yourself battling each one out in an arena until you can get rid of them all.

How to Make Visualizations More Effective

Visualization is not an easy process, especially if you are burdened with negative energy. However, there are ways on how to improve your receptiveness and your ability to visualize. For one, you can make use of subliminal messages. These are often referred to as quotes or passages that will serve as your life's mantra. The message will get embedded into your subconscious mind that it almost becomes second nature to you. You do not have to think about it. You simply immediately believe in it yourself.

If you cannot come up with your own mantra, you can download several mp3s or buy CDs that contain several subliminal messages. These are repeated hundreds of times all throughout the track to make sure your unconscious will definitely store the information well.

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