Monday, September 30, 2013

Bipolar and Social Anxiety - The Cure is With Easing Anxiety

Bipolar Disorder brings striking changes in moods, ability to work and energy of many people. Most people experiences moderate changes in the mood, that is normal but when the changes in mood are such that they take control over the life of a person, it becomes bipolar disorder. Medically bipolar disorder is referred to people with emotions of mania at one moment and depression the other moment. The swinging mood in the bipolar disorder sufferer can last for a few minutes to months at a time. The change in mood comes along with the feelings of distress, disruption and tendency to commit suicide.

Bipolar disorder is of two types - Type I or Type II. Bipolar disorder Type I the sufferer experiences full blown mania while bipolar disorder type II the sufferer will trigger to the heightened manic state if mania medications triggers it.

Bipolar anxiety is the reason for the person finding it difficult to get a good night's sleep. They have fear in the mind that once asleep they will not be able to wake up and something really bad will happen in the course of that time. In order to avoid sleep they will do anything from walking around the room to taking pills to stay awake.

Bipolar and Social Anxiety may occur at the same time. Some bipolar patients experiences social phobia or social anxiety during the depressive phase but are able to overcome that feeling during the manic phase. It is very common that the person who suffers from severe anxiety will also be having bipolar disorders as well. The effect of bipolar and social anxiety will have a devastating effect on one's life. The person with these disorders is unable to hold on to his job and also is not able to contribute to the friendships they have. Such people can lead normal and happy lives if they get help from others to prevail over the problem.

Many with bipolar and social anxiety are reluctant to consult doctors and refuse to take medications. The medications do have side effects; one of the best ways to treat bipolar and social anxiety is cognitive therapy. In this distortions arising due to past bad experiences are identified and ways to change the wrong thinking in a person are shown. Correcting the way one thinks will treat psychological problems like depression, anxiety and panic disorders, the feelings that are cause of bipolar and social anxiety.

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