Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bipolar Test - Are You Bipolar?

If your think that you may suffer from Bipolar Disorder, the first thing you should do is take a Bipolar test. Bipolar Disorder is sometimes misdiagnosed as depression, so by taking this Bipolar test, you should be able to work out if you are showing classic bipolar symptoms. Read on to take the Bipolar test...

Part a) Is it bipolar or depression?

1. Do you feel that you need less sleep than usual?

2. Are you more talkative than usual and feeling like you have to keep talking?

3. Does it feel as though you are having too many thoughts and ideas to process at once?

4. Are you easily distracted?

5. Have you been going on spending sprees and spending money that you don't have?

6. Do you suffer from mood swings, extreme highs and terrible lows?

If you have answered yes to more than two of the bipolar test questions above, please move on to bipolar test b & c (if not, it is unlikely that you suffer from bipolar disorder).

Part b) When you are on a high (mania):

1. Are you more hyper than usual?

2. Do you find yourself getting into trouble, fights or arguments?

3. Do you feel elevated and increased self confidence?

4. Does your level of self esteem drastically increase?

5. Do you find that you talk more quickly?

6. Are thoughts and ideas constantly racing through your mind?

7. Do you have more energy than usual?

8. Do you have lots of goals, new ideas and ambitions?

Now move onto bipolar test part c...

Part c) When you are on a low (depressed):

1. Do you feel as though you have little of no energy?

2. Do you find that you loose in things you customarily enjoy?

3. Do you have feelings of guilt?

4. Do you have feelings of worthlessness?

5. Do you have difficulty with your short term memory and find it hard to make decisions?

6. Are you feeling tired, have a lack of energy and fatigue?

7. Are you persistently sad and anxious?

8. Do you feel irritable and constantly restless?

Bipolar test results: If you have answered the majority of the questions in bipolar test b & c as yes, there may be a chance that you suffer from Bipolar Disorder. Be sure to seek help from a medical professional to discuss your situation and symptoms. For even more information on where to go from here click on the links below.

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