Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Speaking Bubble Technique: A Creative Way To Get A Face-To-Face Sales Appointment

There is a section on my website that lists over 40 quotes related to cold calling. One of these quotes is the backbone of this article and reads: "Do what others are not doing and you will STANDOUT! This is so true and this quote is also an introduction to my "Speaking Bubble Technique." What is it? How does it work?

This technique incorporates certain aspects of one of my most famous techniques called "The Moviestar Technique." This Hollywood-esque technique allows you to instantly warm up your cold calls by contacting prospects that are either quoted or pictured in a medium such as a newspaper or magazine. When you finally reach your prospect you then open the telephone call saying that they are a "Moviestar" and that you saw them in such and such publication. Then you introduce yourself, company and offer a benefit statement as to why they may want to continue speaking with you!

If you are looking for a clever way to set up a face-to-face sales appointment then keep reading. First look through targeted newspapers or magazines to find a prospect that you want to reach. Find one? Ok, now grab a piece of white paper and draw a picture of a bubble. Like how? Yes, draw an image of a bubble that you could put next to your prospect's mouth. Are you done yet? Now get a scissors, cut out the bubble, glue it next to your prospect's mouth and write: "Hi (First name of prospect), thanks for letting me know I was in (Name of publication), sure go ahead and schedule a visit to my office next (List day, date and time)--Best Regards, (Your full name)." Does this sound crazy so far?

What do you do next? Take your artistic project, put it to the side, call your prospect up and say, "Is this (First name of prospect) the moviestar? Your prospect will most likely laugh, ask who is calling and you then respond by saying your name, company and mention the publication that featured a story about them. I would then offer to send this article to them as a courtesy on behalf of (Your company name). I would also mention that you would like to call them in a week or so to discuss (List your what you sell and how you might be able to help them.) Thank them for their time and send your little creative creation to their office (remember to attach your business card with some information about your company) then follow up with a phone call to set up a face-to-face appointment.

Typically I like to get the appointment on the first call and this technique may seem like a lot of work, but no one said things are easy in life, right? If you are looking for a sure-fire way to "get noticed" then I would highly suggest using this idea for your next hard to reach type of prospect. And once again, remember this quote: "Do what others are not doing and you will STANDOUT!"

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