Sunday, September 15, 2013

How To Tell If You Are Depressed

How to tell if you are depressed without visiting a doctor? Depression symptoms in women and symptoms in men may differ, however, some depression signs are common to all people no matter what gender you are. It has been proven that only a small percentage of people suffer from inherited depression, but it is highly probable that children whose parents are depressed will suffer from some form of depression later in life - 25% if one parent is depressed and 75% if both parents are depressed.

Based on valuable depression quotes from books about depression, written by people who have suffered from this disease, scientists and medical practitioners, here is a list of possible hallmarks which can help you if you are wondering how to tell if you are depressed:

  • you feel hopeless, worried and helpless,

  • you feel numbed and empty,

  • you feel deep sadness,

  • you either suffer from insomnia or you sleep too long,

  • you are slowed down,

  • you have lost interest in things you used to like before,

  • you lack motivation,

  • you lack concentration,

  • you developed an eating disorder,

  • you don't like company anymore,

  • you don't see a way out from the crisis you're in.

These signs are considered depression signs only if you have had them for a long period of time. You shouldn't confuse grief and sorrow with depression; if you distress over something, mourn over somebody or feel dispirited for a reason, you should know that it is a normal condition following unhappy events in life, such as death of a loved one, termination of a love relationship or losing a job.

Thinking about how to tell if you are depressed, the first thing to consider is how long have you had these depression signs, and whether you see them as weaknesses or an actual disease. If you think that those signs may be indicators of depression, the best thing would be to visit a doctor and get help. Getting help on time may be crucial in overcoming the disease later in life.

Reading a few books on depression might help because these books explain different types of depression, causes, symptoms and ways to overcome the disease. Reading the books may help you recognize your own condition or depression symptoms in somebody else you know. One tip on how to tell if you are depressed would be to select quotations about depression and think about whether you recognize yourself in those quotes on being depressed.

Depression is not the disease of modern time, as it is often called, but the disease just as old as human civilization. Millions of people have had it, described it based on common symptoms, and won against it.

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