Friday, September 20, 2013

How to Avoid Post Breakup Depression - Top 10 Tips

It takes one second to fall in love but it takes a whole life to forget about someone you loved. Falling in love is a beautiful thing but keeping the flame of love ignited is something you need to work on.
What happens if you failed to continue your relationship for one reason or another? You need to learn how to avoid post-breakup depression.

And as we all know, this is not something you can learn in a school or a college. There is no post-breakup curriculum that you can take.

People who suffer from post breakup depressions get up in the morning to find a whole new day but they do not know what to do. They do not have anything to do with the time that was given to them. They might stay at home for several days, go only to work where they do not talk to anyone unless they were told to, and they end up at their places watching anything on TV and eating junk food.

Some of them might become suicidal; they can have obsessions or intention to commit suicide. They might lose interest for the little joys in life and they might become unimportant to them.

Post-breakup depression is something you have to fight. If you have some of these symptoms above you owe yourself to start measures to avoid being alone and depressed. Here we are going to discuss 10 hints to make you stronger when you start fighting your post-breakup depression.

1- Do not hide your true feelings; find a close friend, a family member to express your feelings to.
2- Do not ever beg your ex to come back to you.
3- Do not picture yourself as a victim of love.
4- Get rid of all your ex's belongings, if you have anything in your place that reminds you of your ex, pack them and put them in the attic. Ask your ex to come and take his/her toothbrush, t-shirt or anything that s/he had left in your place.
5- Do not forget to return his/her ring if you were engaged.
6- Read news and see how the world out there is suffering from wars, floods, diseases or natural disasters. Feel the gratitude for all the blessing that you enjoy every day and night.
7- Concentrate on productivity in your work.
8- Try voluntary work, help your family or try to give a hand to someone in need. This will help boost your self esteem and will make you proud of what you do.
9- Do not hate other men or women because your ex has left you and remember everyone is unique. You might find your perfect match in the next person you meet.
10- Go out with friends, go to new places, get a vacation or try this new restaurant in town. Get a new hobby, outfit or a haircut.

As they say time heals all the wounds. But you need to work on ending the breakup depression because you deserve to get yourself out of this emotional turmoil. Do not wait for someone to save you. Be positive and start saving yourself and the others.

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