Thursday, September 19, 2013

Physical Symptoms of Severe Depression

Depression symptoms are a mental illness. However, it could affect your body system along with your mind and it can cause insomnia. This is one of the symptoms of severe depression. However, there are different physical symptoms of severe depression. I will be mentioning some visible symptoms that most individuals suffer. The upper body discomfort could be an indication of a cardiovascular or lung problem. Once you start to feel this type of pain, I will advise you to see your doctor to eliminate any significant cause. Most times this chest pain could be a signal of depressive disorders.

This illness will put your heart at the risk of heart disease. In addition, you might end up having stroke. This symptom is the early stage of severe depression, which you must avoid in order to ensure a healthy body system. Muscle pain and depression are close to each other, you can easily link them together. Living with persistent pain might raise the possibility of suffering from severe depression. Sometimes, when you are depressed you feel pain, so individuals that are prone to chronic pain will surely suffer from severe depression.

Digestive Problems

Digestive problem is also another symptom of sever depression. Our digestive system and brain are also linked together. Once our mind is not at rest, our digestive systems will begin to function wrongly which is why a lot of us acquire belly pain or feeling sick when we're pressured or anxious. Below are some digestive problems that you can acquire while you are going through the earlier stage of this illness.

• Feeling sick

• Indigestion

• Irregularity of bowel

With these symptoms, you should start to prepare yourself ahead in-order to prevent the possibility of severe depression and some individuals with depression usually complain of severe headache or migraines. According to research, it has been said that most people with chronic depression are prone to possess migraines and these individuals are likely to end up with the advanced stage of this illness if they don't take good care of themselves.

Changes In Weight

Some individuals find it very hard to eat and other won't be able to stop eating. At this point, some individuals will end up losing weight while some individuals will end up adding weight. Severe depression has been linked to eating disorders like anorexia etc. Most time, women go through a lot when it comes to depression and anorexia. Below are some intense body pain that are symptoms of depression.

• Spin pain

• Back pain

• Severe pain in the neck

Sexual dysfunctions If you are depressed, your appetite for sex will be reduced, or you might end not disliking sex totally. In conclusion, symptoms of severe depression will have a negative effect on sexual life. People who are depressed is more likely to use alcohol or some drugs that have to do with sexual energy, which might not work perfectly. I will advise you to talk to your doctor once you start noticing these physical symptoms to help prevent malfunction of your general body system.

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