Sunday, September 1, 2013

If You Want to Be Happy, Try to Ignore the Little Things

If you want to be happy in life, it is best to enjoy the little things, while also ignoring the little things. That sounds confusing at first, but let's discuss what we mean. Life is full of problems, as you well know. However, we must stand back from ourselves sometimes and admit that what we are so worried about at the moment is usually a "little thing" in the overall scheme of life.

Why do we lose so much sleep over the silliest matters? Like problems at work, problems at school, relationships with people, and various "little" occurrences that will probably be forgotten within 20 years. Of course, nothing at the moment appears to be a little thing. When we are emotionally involved in the moment, we react with our emotions.

Such reactions are not always wise, especially if we are discussing a very personal issue. When things are personal, they don't seem small. They seem like life-threatening, end-of-the-world issues! Whenever the honor or the safety of our family members is threatened, it seems like a big deal. Whenever our most precious goals are hindered by someone else, it seems like a big deal. You must ask yourself though, how truly life-threatening is this situation? Is there an obvious solution somewhere that could change this situation for the better?

If we can remember to distance ourselves from such problems, and view all of these issues for what they are-that is minor setbacks in the ultimate mission of life-then we will achieve a deeper happiness. Instead of worrying about the little things in life, start enjoying the little things in life that make you truly happy. Spend time with friends and family. Find a job or a hobby that you really enjoy. Enjoy every taste, smell, sound and sight.

Stop worrying about the little things that will eventually be forgotten. By learning self-control and patience, and forgetting about these rotten "little things" you will live a happier life full of great memories.

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