Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Homeopathic Depression Remedies

Individuals who feel depressed should not ignore it because it could worsen and these individuals will find it difficult to cope with their depression. To those who are reluctant to seek professional help, there's good news. There are available homeopathic depression remedies that you can try to manage your depression. In this article, I'm going to discuss these homeopathic remedies. However, it is also advisable for individuals who had long-lasting and recurring depression to consult a mental health professional.

Arsenicum album: This homeopathic substance is suitable for people who feel insecure, anxious and are perfectionists who tend to set high standards and become depressed when they fail to meet their expectations. Because of depression, they may be both dependent and demanding and are suspicious of others.

Aurum metallicum: This remedy is suggested for serious people who are focused on their job and achievement and became depressed once they feel that they have failed. Anger, humiliation and self-reproach can lead to worthlessness and emptiness. Additionally, these people may have nightmares or insomnia.

Calcarea carbonica: This homeopathic remedy is intended for industrious people who become depressed because of too much work and worry and physical illness. Once they feel depressed, they could develop anxiety, fatigue, discouragement and self-pity. People who need this remedy feels sluggish and chilly and easily tires.

Causticum: This remedy is suggested for people who are depressed due to loss and grief. Other indications that you should be aware of are mental dullness, frequent crying and forgetfulness. They could also have a sense of justice and are sympathetic toward others.

Cimicifuga: This homeopathic remedy is suitable for people who are both energetic and talkative when they are not depressed, but become gloomy and upset once the condition sets in. It should be taken when depressed people suffer from headaches and painful menstrual periods.

Ignatia amara: This remedy is for those who suffer disappointment or grief, but try to keep the hurt to themselves. Sensitive people who may benefit from this remedy appear to be too vulnerable and could be defensive, guarded and moody.

Kali phosphoricum: This remedy is for those who are depressed because of physical illness and after working hard. These people tend to be exhausted, jumpy and nervous and have difficulty concentrating or working. They may suffer from headaches caused by mental effort, sensitivity to cold, easy perspiration, insomnia, anemia and indigestion.

Natrum carbonicum: This remedy could benefit mild, selfless and gentle people who become depressed after encountering disappointment or hurt. When they feel lonely, they prefer to withdraw to rest and listen to music.

Natrum muriaticum: This is intended for people who are responsible, reserved and private, but hide several inner feelings like grief, anger and romantic attachment. If someone will make an attempt to console them, they may feel offended.

Pulsatilla: This remedy is needed by people who have softness and sensitivity similar to a child. When they are depressed, they could be tearful and demand a lot of comforting and attention.

Sepia: This remedy will be for people who are irritable and indifferent to their loved ones. They will also demand to be left alone and could be angry when others bother them.

Staphysagria: This homeopathic remedy will be for sensitive, quiet and emotional people who cannot stand up for themselves. They may become depressed due to hurt feelings, resentment and shame.

You can choose the best natural remedies for depression that matches the symptoms you are feeling right now. When you opt to self-treat, you should follow a lower potency.

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