Thursday, September 5, 2013

How Losing Weight Can Save You Big Bucks on Your Life Insurance Quotes

Taking care of yourself has so many benefits, but did you know that keeping yourself lean can also keep your wallet fat? Life insurance quotes can vary from a few tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars a month, and every insurer, no matter which company provides the quote, adjusts their premiums based on your lifestyle and current health.

Sure, you could go for the option that lets you skip that annual physical, but you're going to end up paying a small fortune for the privilege. Do yourself a favor and find out how losing weight can do great things for your life insurance.

The Classic A-Z That's Killing Your Insurance

Think you're the only one having trouble saving money on your insurance because of extra pounds and other health problems? Think again. The good news is, that means you already know what's going to drive up your life insurance quotes. Avoiding the classic vices-smoking, drinking, drug use, chocolate abuse-will do wonders to help keep down the cost of your coverage.

Is your doctor complaining about your weight? Chances are, your life insurance provider is too. Cheap food leads to the temptation to take cheap grocery shopping trips, but those microwave meals aren't as cheap as you think. They're loaded with nasty additives that are going to add pounds while (ironically) causing you to become malnourished in the process. That leads to heart disease, diabetes, hormonal imbalances and more, none of which is conducive to a long and happy life-or keeping your life insurance provider happy.

Food's Only Half the Battle

No one's diet is perfect all of the time. Those cookies calling out to you in the night? They're still there. The good news is, if food was the only thing that caused obesity all those one large a day pizza eating teenagers that clean out your fridge on a daily basis would be as big as a house. They're not, both because of their youthful metabolism and because they haven't yet taken on a desk job that's going to cut deep into their exercise time.

Even as little as 15 minutes of intense exercise a day helps treat and prevent a HUGE variety of health issues, from Parkinson's to heart disease to depression (especially when you're snowbound). People who exercise, even if they're just throwing on their shoes and going for a walk, live longer than the average couch potato.

That's good news for both you and your life insurance quotes.

The bottom line when it comes to the finances of weight and your life insurance is simple. Extra weight leads to health problems. Health problems lead to a shorter life with a lot less quality added in. Shorter life leads to more expensive life insurance.

You do the math.

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