Monday, September 2, 2013

Can Omega 3 Fatty Acids Help Bipolar Disorder?

To cut the long story short, yes, omega 3 fatty acids can help bipolar disorder. There have been various studies which confirm the amazing benefits of omega 3 in fish oil in treating this difficult condition that affects about 15 million individuals in America alone.

Bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression, is a mental condition that is marked by extreme moods and mood swings. Moods of bipolar sufferers may be high with impulsiveness and obsession, hyperactivity and feelings of supernatural abilities. At other times, they would feel low and depressed. This condition generally impeded proper thinking and judgment, and hinders proper social interaction. It sometimes even leads to serious problems including suicidal tendencies. This condition must then be treated for an individual to lead a normal life.

Despite advancement in science, there has not been any medication that can completely provide cure to manic depression. Psychiatrists normally recommend intake of anti-depressant drugs that can manage the symptoms of the disorder, such as lithium and Valproate. It has been found that these medications can control the production of arachidonic acid in the brain, and this leads to proper management of behaviour and mood swings. Although they work in managing symptoms, these anti-depressant drugs prove to be harmful especially when taken in high dosage for long periods of time.

Fortunately, there are now some natural alternatives found for treating bipolar disorders. Scientists have linked these too and have found that omega 3 fatty acids richly found in this supplement can help bipolar disorder and other mental conditions. How can omega 3 fatty acids help bipolar disorder? When taken at high dosage, omega 3 can prevent the formation of arachidonic acid and raise the levels of brain-nourishing DHA and EPA in the body. This leads to the significant reduction of bad eicosanoids, which are known to be the leading cause of depressive feelings linked to this mental condition.

With omega 3 fatty acids, a bipolar sufferer's brain will be nourished with all the right nutrients to help promote normal brain function. Although this supplement does not take effect as fast as anti-depressant drugs, these can get to the root of the condition and gradually cure it in the most natural way possible.

The link between two has been established through many studies. Bipolar sufferers must then take high amounts of fish oil in their diet or better yet, take this supplements. With an active lifestyle, stable moral support, and fish oil supplementation, bipolar depression has gotten easier to manage. Help bipolar disorder sufferers get a chance at a normal life, let them know about omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil today.

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