Friday, September 6, 2013

Alternative Medicine For Test Anxiety

Who says you can not beat the exam nerves? Truth is you can and you can do this the natural or holistic way with a little help from proven alternative practices!

You might have heard of the Gingko Biloba and the number of times the herb has been recommended as supplement to help sharpen memory functions and encourage presence of mind, particularly when taking exams. If that is so, is there an equivalent herbal remedy that would help ease out related exam tension?

The practice of alternative medicine has brought to the fore a number of different herbs enriched with medicinal properties vital to nervous system health, along with homeopathic substances that are purported to induce calm and relaxed behaviors. Skim below for some of the more popular remedies administered to ease common tension which can likewise be used as an alternative medicine for test anxiety.

The herb Passion Flower promotes a naturally soothing and calming effect on the nerves that when combined with St. Johns Wort produces an herbal remedy for clinical depression. The medicinal extracts of the Centella Asiatica and Rosemary both provide therapeutic benefits helpful in the course of academic study and examination. While the Centella generally enhances brain and nervous system functions, the Rosemary contains compounds that inhibit the breakdown of brain chemicals involved in the upkeep of good memory.

Intake of homeopathic remedies such as the Anacardium (6C) and the Gelsemium (6C), on the other hand, naturally stimulates behaviors that are necessary in preventing the onset of nervous tension during exams. The Anacardium boosts self confidence while relieving irrational fears, including that of failure. Consequently, the Gelsemium eases related physical actuations that manifest as a consequence of extreme tension.

Modern day herbalists and clinical psychologists have now expanded the treatment options for common nervous tension and anxiety with the manufacture of herbal supplement products such as A+ Test Calmer which is specially formulated with natural medicinal compounds that work in synergy to ease the exam nerves in children and teenagers.

It is typical for healthy school aged children and teenagers to feel anxious and stressed following the weeklong pressure of studying (or perhaps cramming) for a periodic exam or when preparing for a presentation. But then again, there are those who routinely encounter overwhelming feelings of nervous tension as the big day draws near and even up to the time that the exam is ongoing. These deep-seated, nervous emotions often cause an individual to lose focus while the ability to concentrate properly is hindered as well. In this case, the worst thing that could happen - next to a mental blackout, is for one to succumb to panic attacks. If you think you or your child easily succumbs to nervous tension during the conduct of exams, consider the intake of an alternative medicine for test anxiety and see the difference!

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