Thursday, June 27, 2013

Working Through Depression

There are times in life when depression can come on suddenly. You may not understand what is happening right away as your world turns upside down, within and outside of you. You feel removed and isolated from the normal flow of day-to-day living. The emptiness within can be devastating. The passion for life no longer exists. As a Spiritual Intuitive, I have discovered ways to work through depression, become empowered and access a strength within that was waiting to be revealed. Here are six ways to help you through the challenge of depression.

1. Accept what you are feeling as "real". It is not an imagined state of being but an illness that can be treated. Recognize that you are in trouble and suffering. I realized that my ongoing symptoms weren't normal for my personality and temperament. I felt as if I were swirling into an abyss that I couldn't lift myself out of. This severely impacted my mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being.

2. Confide in someone who will truly listen to you. This should be someone who can be fully trusted with what you share on the deepest level. In my case, my husband was actually a witness to what was happening with me. I could entrust him with my thoughts and knew he would "be there" for me, not matter what. Without question, he would provide much- needed daily support for the road ahead, no matter the many turns it would take to get me back on track.

3. Call your doctor to get the medical attention required. In addition to seeing a counselor, you may need to take medication also. This may be temporary or long-term, depending on your situation. I needed to see a counselor on a regular basis and was prescribed medicine at the same time. The combined treatment was most beneficial in my adjustment to understanding the depressed states I was experiencing and working to overcome this state of being.

4. Exploring an alternative means of healing can be most useful to complement the traditional medical route. You can also incorporate some self-healing methods too. I found that Reiki blended in beautifully with the counseling sessions and medicine in providing healing on another level.

5. Support groups are offered that you may wish to take advantage of. Make sure you are comfortable with the facilitator and those in the group. It is important that you feel safe and are in a healthy, positive atmosphere that is right for you. I was fortunate to attend a well- organized and supportive group. This helped me learn more about my depression and what others were going through. Tools were introduced that I could use each day toward my wellness. I was reminded of the importance to meditate daily and how to alter my thought patterns to the positive.

6. Allow yourself to go through the process. There are no short cuts. The road to recovery has many highs and lows. I decided not to fight the struggles but learn from them so I could stay open for what was ahead. Feeling and understanding each emotion was necessary for me as it was part of getting better. I realized I couldn't afford to waste my energy in putting up blocks along the way. I needed to conserve that energy for the positive as there wasn't much available within me to work with at that time.

Even though society has made great strides in recognizing and treating depression, it can still hold a stigma within the eyes of many. Know that it is not a sign of weakness. For me, it can actually become an experience of strength and inner growth. Having gone through several bouts of depression, I gained compassion for others going through the process as well. Over five years ago the last episode was the darkest and most debilitating. That made me face truths and seek help in the greatest effort I could muster to prevent this from happening again. No matter what anyone else thought, I was going to do what was right for me to overcome this condition. I recognized that this earthly plane can severely impact those who are most sensitive in nature and, many times, least understood. I came to believe in who I was and continue to be. This foundation is protected and continues to be guarded. I try to be aware of anyone or anything that may try to take away my inner power. This helps to keep me afloat in the current of life and drives my course forward.

Because of this experience, my life changed course suddenly and dramatically. My days are now filled with the promise of unveiling and sharing my life's passions. I now listen more and more to what my heart and soul are telling me. I am creating the space to allow the freedom to be myself as best as I know how in the present moment.

The fullness of life expands with each step we take. Wherever that leads us I believe a Divine presence walks with us to help us along the way. We must ask for that assistance and act upon the support we are given. Knowing that this unconditional love is always there provides a strength beyond our complete understanding. This is the source from which we can truly begin to heal.

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