Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Manic Depression Treatments

Depression is of two types one is Major Depressive Disorder and the other Bipolar Disorder. Both these disorders need different treatments. The symptoms of both disorders involves sorrow, exaggerated weeping, loss of pleasure, sleeping too much or too little, low get-up-and-go, uneasiness, difficulty in concentrating, temper, loss of appetite or overindulging, feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness, feelings of physiological problems that are not made by physical sickness or injury like head aches, digestive problems, painfulness and thoughts of dying or self-destruction.

Bipolar disorder involves episodes of depression and also episodes of mania like inappropriate sense of exhilaration, fearless behavior, low rest needed, excessive energy, rushing thought processes; speaking too much, out of control spending, trouble concentrating, irritability, abnormally elevated activity including sexual activity, poor judgment, competitive behavior, exaggerated temper or out of control conduct.

These episodes can last a long very long time, some for a amount of weeks, months. Both disorders vary quite a bit when it comes to the treatments.biologic elements, stress and anxiety play a big part in the causes of manic depression or bipolar disorder.

For the people who have been inflicted with either bipolar disorder or main depression, antidepressant medications are often extremely effective and they must be taken regularly for three to four weeks, sometimes even longer, before the full reaction is seen.

Manic Depression Treatments can be found online in the form of self help methods these methods can help a great deal in reducing the symptoms.

Good ways to combat manic depression include: getting a healthy diet, exercising regularly and getting some relaxation time.

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