Monday, June 24, 2013

Discover the One Simple Step That Leads to a Happier Life

I grew up in family whose main emotions were fear, anger, and self-pity. Children copy what they see and my adult life was infested with these same negative emotions. I was unable to find happiness or contentment in anything that I did. I was lost.

Today, I live a life full of positive energy and have left drama and negativity behind me once and for all.

I hit rock bottom. I had to make a choice between giving up and just letting myself die, or letting go of my pride and finding help. I turned to many places and people for help and in the course learned a great deal about what works and what doesn't. Now, I live a life full of positive emotions with a balanced outlook and I feel better than ever, both emotionally and physically.

The Feeling of Happiness

My life is no longer filled with anger, fear, and shame - though they do pop their ugly heads up from time to time, it's only natural. It`s not wise to get pumped up and high on positive states all the time, in fact it`s not a good idea to go to any extreme. I have seen people very high from self development workshops making foolish decisions that would have been better made with a more balanced frame of mind.

Feeling positive and motivated is not the same as being high. Positive, motivated people consider life from a place of clarity and with a clear sense of purpose and their feet planted in reality. People who are "high" are building their houses on sand while one eye is closed and one arm is tied behind their back. While being in a highly charged, positive mental state may bring about temporary bouts of euphoria and joy, you won't be getting pulled over by the cops anytime soon.

How Do You Become Happy?

There are many tricks and techniques for changing your emotional state. However, most of these tricks only work as short term fixes. Once you stop practicing them, your mental state quickly returns to the negative side. If you want to maintain a healthy, positive outlook all the time then you are going to have to train your brain.

If you want to lose weight, you have to feed your body right and exercise. It's just common sense. The more you do these things the more of a habit they become and, before long, maintaining a healthy weight is something that you do naturally. It becomes part of your routine. It becomes part of who you are.

The same logic applies to your mental state. If you go to a one day motivational seminar then you will feel great for a few days, maybe even a few weeks. However, you eventually start to backslide into laziness and depression and you don't know why. You begin to wonder if you got ripped off by the motivational speaker who promised you a new life.

Maintaining a positive mindset requires almost daily maintenance and exercise. By surrounding yourself with positive imagery, listening to motivational or inspiring talks every day, and by taking relaxation and wellness breaks you can begin to develop a new "happiness regimen" that will follow you the rest of your life.

It`s very simple for me. I listen to motivational speakers most days and I have discovered that it`s not that important what they are saying (honestly, they are all saying the same stuff). What matters is the tone. Someone talking about goals and positive emotions just shifts my mind into a higher gear. It rewires my brain to a higher level of thinking.

Surround yourself with positivity each day, simply search on Google for inspirational quotes or videos. If you really want to challenge your brain, listen to some of the TED lectures where the greatest minds on the planet talk about everything from quantum physics to philanthropy. Listen to the advice of your life coach. And of course, try to do something nice for someone else at least once a day. It's not fair to hide the joy that you have found.

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