Saturday, June 29, 2013

Depression is a Weakness Rather Than an Illness

Depression is originated from panic and once it exceeds, it becomes a disease. If we take it positively, it can saves the person from dangerous things for e.g. if a person has no fear of death due to some disease, then he will never consult the doctor. This fear makes the person worry about his safety.

It increases the patience but only to some extend and after that it starts causing damages inside a person. Such people exhibit a depressed mood or a pervasive loss of interest or pleasure and the symptoms of anxiety occur.

Depressant effects actually takes place in sensitive natured people, as the sensitivity of nature rises, the panic increases and may cause harmful effects as well.

Due to this habit, the person sometimes becomes unable to construct and maintain his future because once it encircles the mind of a person then it causes an aversion to his activities. Basically the reason of this problem is feeling hopeless and helpless which sometimes enforces the person to appeal for sympathy by assuming an expression of grief.

This is a universal truth that depression is the condition in which the willpower of a person boosts up but gradually when it is given a prominent place in mind, it damages the person and may drive him towards many diseases which are sometimes curable but usually harmful to life.

Once this dispiritedness is entered in your life, it is nourished by whole life's happiness but gives the unforgiving hurts.

However, the treatment of depression is in your own hands and a stage comes when you have to treat it yourself, till then you are helpless and none of the doctor can help you out. Only the person himself is responsible to open or close the door of his mind for this friendly enemy.

Let's look at an example in order to understand the relation between depression and our control. If human being is a car, his senses are the steering. and the steering is completely under the control of driver and a good driver always drives the car in a balanced way in order to avoid accidents. Similarly, the steering of a human being are based upon in his senses which are absolutely under his control and only he himself can stop depression from taking over and making his life a living hell and his personality drowning in the depth of depression (a curse).

At the end, my message for all the depressive people is that, life is a dream and death is its denouement. The final destination for everyone is common. So, why not live up this beautiful and precious life freely and happily to make each and every moment memorable.

"Depression is not sobbing and crying and giving vent, it is plain and simple reduction of feeling. People who keep stiff upper lips find that its damn hard to smile." - Elizabeth Wurtzel

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