Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What Are Your All Natural Depression Medication Options?

If you're experiencing mild or low level depression symptoms, all natural depression medication may be a good alternative treatment for you. Because many different things can cause symptoms of depression, if you receive a diagnosis or suspect you may have a depressive disorder, a physical evaluation may be necessary.

Depression may be caused partly by physical illnesses like viral infections, medication side effects, etc., and the cause of the actual emotions of depression may be a mixture of physical and psychological issues. For mild depression, self-evaluation may be enough. More serious, life disrupting symptoms (clinical depression) needs to be treated with the help of a professional.

Often people may dismiss their depressed feelings as "just a phase" that will pass, and many times this may be true. If your symptoms don't interfere with normal work schedules or disrupt your social, family, and professional life too much, the temporary "down time" may be an opportunity for personal growth.

All natural depression medication works well other things that are easy to adjust, like diet for example. For some people, adding consistent, quality protein to the diet may help ease depression symptoms if hypoglycemia or some similar condition is involved in causing them.

Depending on your specific body type and metabolism, diet adjustments can be a good avenue to explore. The high carbohydrate, low fat diet has been promoted heavily the last several decades but not everyone does well with such a diet. The Zone diet, the Blood Type diet and the Atkins diet are several you can look at if you want to consider making some easy changes.

Dietary supplements and herbal remedies can be effective natural depression remedies. The herb St John's wort is probably the most prescribed natural depression remedy, and the second most popular is the nutrient SAM-e. They both are excellent choices and are backed by many clinical research studies showing their effectiveness. Plus significant side effects are rarely experienced with these natural alternatives.

Some other supplements that are often recommended for depression are 5 HTP and D-Phenylalanine which are amino acids. Omega-3 supplementation is beneficial for certain types of depression as well as bipolar disorder. Omega-3 oils like flax, borage and fish oil are healthy fats that research has shown are necessary for replenishing brain cells and neurons.

I personally have had good results with all natural depression medication consisting of St John's wort, and the herbs passionflower, lemon balm and lavender. Of course, everyone is different and the only way to know if these herbs will work for you is to try them. They are safe and usually without side effects.

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