Sunday, June 23, 2013

Teenagers Depression - Causes and Symptoms

When it comes to teenagers, it is very difficult to determine whether their outbreaks of dissatisfaction or sadness, or only the current issue of the rights of adolescent depression. It is normal that most teens in certain moments feel unhappy. When it adds more and increased the effect of hormones, characteristic of that period, as well as a myriad of changes through which teenage pass - is not difficult to notice that their mood changes from minute to minute.

Nevertheless, the research shows that even a teenager, every eighth subject teenage depression. Do not let this frighten you, because this depression usually brief and transitory. But if this situation persists for longer than two weeks - should certainly require the help of qualified health workers. What causes adolescent depression?

There are many reasons that a teenager feels sad and unhappy. Because of the weak grade in school and the pressure of teachers, teenagers can begin to feel worthless and therefore lose self-confidence which hitherto had.

The development of depression can affect and poor relationships with peers, sexual orientation, but the pressure in the family as an environment in which impose certain values and habits. Also, in some cases, adolescent depression can be caused by the stress that comes from the very environment that surrounds every one teenager. Regardless of the cause of depression, if any friends or family are not sufficient to overcome a teenager, and despite the support of so many still feel isolated and unhappy - it is clear that this is so called teenager depression. The most common symptoms of teenager depression In children who are prone to this form of depression can clearly see changes in behavior, thinking and mood. Manifested by a teenager just lose motivation and interest for all and clam.

Such children are also prone to excessive behavior, excessive or poor sleep, changes in diet, and even criminal activities ... Common symptoms of depression in adolescents: apathy frequent headaches and fatigue difficulties concentrating difficult decisions excessive guilt irresponsible behavior (failure to meet promises and commitments, the time delay classes, running away from school ...) short memory loss obsession with death and dying riotously behavior sadness and increased anxiety insomnia Alcohol and drugs estrangement from friends If your teen shows some of these symptoms, work in time to prevent it before further development of depression and help your child to participate in this potentially dangerous phase. Some ways are more frequent and longer interviews with children, objective problem solving, often mingling with the children, encouraging hobbies, sports or encourage extra-curricular activities ...

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