Saturday, June 15, 2013

Why Do So Many Middle-Aged and Elderly People Suffer From Depression and Anxiety?

"Why are adults so cranky" asked the children in a seminar recently?

By the time most people reach middle-age, they are often not the cheerful, hopeful happy beings they once were as children.

Why are so many people suffering from depression and anxiety? So many, that you can actually find traces of anti-depressant/anxiety medications in some of our drinking water?

When we are children, generally we have many positive experiences and so we are cheerful, feel good and are happy a lot of the time.

As life continues, many people begin to experience more contrast or negative events in life and they begin to focus more on whats wrong, rather than on whats right.

Because of the numbers of people suffering, the psychiatric industry has taken to categorizing depression and anxiety. We have labels like dysthmia, suicidal depression, manic depression (bipolar disorder), major depression, atypical depression, psychotic depression. And when we move into the area of anxiety, we have social anxiety disorder, anxiety symptoms, generalized anxiety disorder, shortness of breathe anxiety, social phobia anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety panic disorder.

What in heavens name is going on?

The law of attraction is the most powerful law in the universe. It is the law above all laws and it states that what we focus on with emotion, we bring more of it into our lives. And so, as events happen over time, events that we may not like, and we focus on them by worrying about them or fussing about them, we, without realizing it, are attracting more and more experiences that are similar in nature. Eventually the worrying leads to discouragement and then depression, anxiety and other symptoms like headaches, stiffness in the joints, arthritis and even more serious things over time, like cancer, heart problems etc. It is a pile-up effect. The body becomes overwhelmed with symptoms.

The body is naturally calm, balanced and peaceful. Whenever we feel otherwise, we know that, what we are focused on is not healthy. Our negative thoughts and emotions create these symptoms. If sustained these symptoms get worse.

Now the GOOD NEWS is, It does not take long to turn this around. If one were to shift our focus and only think about good feeling things, within a period of only 30 days we can turn things around. We will see enough improvement to realize a huge shift in what comes into our experience. The more good things that come forth, the better we begin to feel, and the better we begin to feel, the more all these symptoms of depression, anxiety etc. clear up.

It is amazing the power of our thoughts and feelings. We create our outer world by our thoughts and emotions. Positive ones create positive results and negative ones create negative ones. Why not become deliberate creators?

Medical doctors, for the most part, do not know about energy. They do not know, that just by showing and teaching people how to shift their own energy, into higher positive emotions, their patients can transform their health, their finances and their overall lives.

For more information about this, my website below has many articles giving you strategies about how to move from depression, anxiety and other unwanted things into feeling better, thus restoring ones self back into the health, wealth and happiness that is wanted.

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