Saturday, June 15, 2013

Team Motivation

Motivation is a force, which drives and encourages a person to overcome conflicts and hurdles. It also refers to a set of forces that leads people to behave in a certain way. It is having the encouragement to do something that a person desires to do. It boosts the will power of the person and enables them attain both long term and short terms goals. It is often seen that motivation helps a lot in boosting efficiency and increasing productivity. Lack of motivation leads to dissatisfaction, develops stress, makes a person short-tempered, and can result in depression. All these affect both the personal and professional life of the person. Teamwork is practically existent in all aspects of a person's life, be it professional or personal. To play a number of sports and games also requires a great deal of teamwork. A good leader is one who motivates and keeps his team focused on achieving pre-determined goals. Team motivation proves to be extremely significant in the success of any teams organized efforts.

Team motivation proves to be more difficult than individual motivation. This is because a leader motivating a team has to deal with a number of emotions. Each person in a team may require different levels of motivation. The capability of a good leader depends on his ability to motivate his team properly. A good team leader understands all his team members' needs and requirements. This understanding proves to be extremely important in motivating the team. Factors used for motivating a team may differ from one situation to another. An organizational team, achieving business targets may require different means of motivation compared to a sporting team planning to compete in a particular event. It is commonly seen that money, fame, and glory tend to be typical motivational factors.

In today's competitive era, team motivation proves to be extremely important. Managers and leaders are required to possess adequate team motivation skills in order to achieve favorable results.

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