Thursday, June 13, 2013

How Can I Not Feel Depressed?

It is safe to say that there is not a single person in the world that woke up one morning and decided that they would like to go through the rest of their life being sad, withdrawn, blue, un-excited, sluggish, irritable... depressed. No one wants to feel like that for day, much less every day. There is a reason that many people though do chose to feel like this, and that is because they do not care for the way that western medicine has told them to treat their condition. Anti-depressant medications can make the person feel worse and or take what little joy they do have out of life.

The number one complaint as to why people that are dealing with depression stop taking their meds is that they don't like the way it makes them feel. The good news is that from now on you don't need to feel depressed and you don't need to take toxic medications to feel better. There are natural treatments that you could start today and you could actually start feeling better tomorrow. Here are just a few of the natural treatment options you can follow if you are feeling depressed.

Exercise, while it may not be the most fun thing to do, it is very effective in treating and alleviating depression. Exercise gets the natural mood booster going in the body so that you feel better. You don't have to hit the gym, you can go for a walk, go for a swim, pop in your favorite CD and dance your pants off. All you need to do is take that first step and the rest will come naturally. Each step will make you feel better.

Yoga, which is all about the mind spirit and body connection. You can tell when you look at a person that they are an avid Yogi. They look younger then what they are, they almost glow because they are serene and peaceful. They are less stressed, not depressed and enjoy life. Yoga is not all that hard, not as hard as everyone seems to think it is. You can learn Yoga from a book, from a class or from a video. Give it a try, and practice it everyday, not just when the feelings start to come on. Yoga can actually free you from feeling depressed ever again.

Music, music is very effective at changing and setting mood. I recommend that you create a "happy" CD, for lack of a better word. On that CD you can record music that makes you feel good. There are songs that we all know that we can't help but smile when we hear. It just makes us feel good. Make a CD of that music so that when the feelings start you can pop in the CD and hum your way to smiles.

These suggestions are by no means exhaustive. There are a number of natural treatment options that you can try including the supplements, dietary changes and "mind makeover." You need to find the natural treatment option that is going to work for you, that is going to make you feel better.

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