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Mobilize Your Will to Be Well

Dr. John Diamond's career has focused on the effect of our thoughts on our emotions, our emotions on our thoughts, and the effect of both on our body's ability to mobilize and energize itself to enhance the quality of our lives. This article focuses on only one aspect of Dr. Diamond's lifetime work - mobilizing your will to be well.

"The will to be well can be mobilized in a matter of moments by simple attitudinal changes," Dr. Diamond claims. Think of the Thymus test as a form of "truth detection." By contrast, "depression may motivate us to make a decision we would not make if our energy were balanced and more in harmony with our unconscious." When in a state of stress, we're using predominately one brain hemisphere instead of the resource of "whole brain creativity" available to us.

Dr. Diamond employs muscle testing, among numerous other modalities, to test whether a patient's body is or is not in an optimum state of health.

When it comes to solving life issues or problems, Diamond says the statement to be tested "indicates your present attitude, not necessarily what will ultimately be the right decision. The energy in a thought has the power to strengthen a weak muscle - instantaneously!" Diamond also suggests you find out what, in your relationship, is devitalizing you, that goes against high Thymus activity, and go after these smaller problems one by one.

Some 90% of workers, in Diamond's experience, test weak when they say they enjoy what they do. 90% lose life energy just thinking about their jobs. Choices that go against the grain, he says, are "bioethical choices." Optimal life energy, he adds, is "psychobiological harmony."

"Say 'This is just a joke, but your car has a flat tire,' and watch the person test weak. Choose a fantasy you desire and you test strong. What is your life for? What's your answer? What is my specific and unique talent?" These are "bioethical choices" we are making for ourselves.

Football players, Diamond says, "test weak when about to catch the football. The greats are those who hold their energy when most others would lose it." The left hemisphere, Diamond notes, is dominant or overactive in 95% of those he tests. TEST: Place the palm of your right hand 2-4 inches away from the left side of your head. Test your deltoid muscle by extending your right arm and having a friend lightly push down on it. If it is weak it will go down easily. This means you're left hemisphere dominant. If you switch the test to the right side of your head, left arm extended, and it test weak, you are right hemisphere dominant. By testing the left deltoid muscle we are applying the magnetic energy of the hand to each side of the head. Both hemispheres, ideally, will be working together for problem solving and artistic endeavors. A Left Hemisphere dominant person will have energy impairment in the meridians related to that particular hemisphere of the brain..

How does Dr. John Diamond's work relate to that of the French physician Emile Coue' and the system of autosuggestion Coue' developed to aid the healing forces in his many thousands patients during the early years of the 20th Century? Diamond writes: "Notice the power of the word to create great energy changes throughout the body. This is how the surging forces, waves of Chi, flow in us." This, Diamond points out, "is instant transformational psychiatry."

"Another way to test for the underactive meridian is to have the subject say the positive affirmation once for each meridian. The one for which he tests weak is the meridian with the problem," Diamond says.

SEED PACKET: "When we plant a flower seed from a packet that we have purchased," Diamond writes, "we see on the packet a picture of what the seed is supposed to grow into, what we should expect it to become. Each of us must find out what was on our own individual packet."

Diamond suggests you say the following affirmations daily at least three to six times each to raise your Life Energy.


Thymus: I have love, faith, trust, gratitude and courage.

Lung: I am humble. I am tolerant. I am modest.

Liver: I am happy. I have good fortune. I am cheerful.

Gall bladder: I reach out with love.

Spleen: I have faith and confidence in my future. I am secure.

Kidney: My sexual energies are balanced.

Large Intestine: I am clean and good. I am worthy of being loved.

Circulation-Sex: I renounce the past. I am generous. I am relaxed.

Heart: I have forgiveness in my heart.

Stomach: I am content. I am tranquil.

Thyroid: I am buoyed up with hope. I am light and buoyant.

Small Intestine: I am jumping with joy.

Bladder: I am in harmony. I am at peace.

Thymus: I have love, faith, trust, gratitude, and courage.

Close with: My life energy is high. I am in the state of love.

Say "My life energy is high"and there will be, on deeper levels of testing, a greater increase in energy.

"Another way to test for the underactive meridian is to have the subject say the positive affirmation once for each meridian," Diamond writes. "The one for which he tests weak is the meridian with the problem."

With true phobias it is almost always the circulation-sex meridian involved. "Whatever the fear, it drains life energy. With the energy that is gained, we are free to pursue our goal of positive health."

"First layer meridian imbalance indicates the predominant emotional state operant at that time," Diamond writes. "You can learn what is holding you back right now. You can release the energy that is blocked in that meridian and get yourself back in order."

Diamond's method is far more extensive than I have space to cover and his book Life Energy is worth far more than the purchase price, especially the paperback cost. His sections on transmuting energy and "the double-bind" deserves careful examination.

There are physical diseases that feed back and cause emotional problems. "If a person already has a disease, at least the emotional component can be stopped from feeding back into the disease with the use of appropriate positive affirmations" (plus thumping your thymus).

"It is incredible to think that each organ has a specific corresponding emotional state," Diamond writes. "By correcting specific emotional problems that are affecting us we will be invulnerable to most stress and our energies will be released to be devoted to our true purpose in life." Plus, we will begin to discover our deepest homing thoughts.

Diamond's work is about the power of thoughts. "Over the centuries philosophers and psychologists have speculated on this," Diamond says, "but now you have been able to experience something previously undemonstrable: the immediate power of your thoughts to influence your physical state. Your thoughts have the power to alter the physiological responses of your muscles. A thought or a word can change the energy of the organs. Thoughts have the power to cause or cure illness in your body. You can now use them for health."

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