Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Genius Is Eternal Patience

Thomas Edison said, Genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. In other words, work must accompany inspiration.

"Genius is Eternal Patience." This is one of Michelangelo's famous quotes.

I have in mind a very talented six year old pianist, Hannah Lee, who is a student of a friend of mine, Marlita Weiss. When I heard her perform at World Piano Cup in Cincinnati, Ohio, I was amazed by her technique and her abilities at the piano. I later found out that she has been practicing the piano for an hour a day since the age of four!

Years ago, I heard famous pianist Ruth Slynzinska perform all the Chopin Preludes in Chicago, Illinois. Someone complimented her on her natural technique. She graciously smiled and talked about the six hours a day she practices to develop it.

Bill Gates and his friend spent five to six hours daily after school in a computer lab working with computer programming and developing a business plan.

Both Ms. Slynzinska and Mr. Gates no doubt patiently put their ten thousand hours of work into developing their natural talents.

Genius is indeed eternal patience. We can dream all we want. to make those dreams come true, we have to work.

In a study written up in the Jul/Aug issue of the Journal of College Student Development, success in college can be attained by involvement in extracurricular activities, positive connections with friends, and persistent application of study habits. Students who achieve are spurred on to further success with each academic success. In other, words, hard work breeds success which breeds more success.

Dear readers, please feel free to share your experiences with hard work and accomplishments. Dreams can never be achieved without work.

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