Friday, June 14, 2013

What Makes a Great Life Experience?

A great life experience is very dependent on a few things. Your history and culture, your family, what you read and absorb and the choices you make. It is also very personal, what one person may consider as a great life experience another person may think is an average or even a bad experience.

Firstly a persons history or culture will determine what is a great life experience. For example, a person who is a South American Indian will have a different set of needs and values to somebody who was born in Australia and they in turn will be different to someone born in Germany. Now a person can change their needs and values and what they consider to be a great experience, this can be influenced by what a person is exposed to.

A persons needs and values may change over time and along with this their ideas on a great life will also change. One major thing that can create change in a person's life is education. Now education is not just going to school and university, it is being exposed to the world. Oprah for example, states that she wouldn't be where she is now if she hadn't read the books she did. A person might also be influenced by watching a movie and seeing a different aspect to the world or meeting a different person who lives a different style of life to them and that they think would be more enjoyable.

Sometimes circumstances also play a part in making a great life experience. You could be swimming at the beach one day and somebody gets caught in a rip (a current that sweeps you out to sea) and you rescue them. This type of event can have a huge effect on the rest of your life as you realise how precious life is.

Choices, the choices you make in life will impact whether you create a great life experience or a bad one. For example if you buy a new car and a week later part of the car falls off. You can take this one of two ways, you can immediately drive down to the dealership where you bought the car and abuse the dealer who sold you the car. In this case you will probably get the car fixed but you will certainly not win any friends and may harm your chances of a good experience with that dealer in the future. Alternatively you can arrive with the attitude that yes sometimes these things happen in life and walk in with a smiling face. Your car will in all likelihood be immediately fixed and because you have been positive you may walk out with a bonus, a hidden gem or present. You may know someone like this that receives free things, has dinner bought for them, receives presents out of nowhere. Have a look at the attitude of the person and how they choose to deal with situations. You might just find out that they have chosen the attitude of honey as the old clich矇 goes - "you catch more flies with honey then vinegar).

A great life experience might be as small as having a cup of coffee with a friend or an around the world trip. Why not make your whole life a great experience - you only get one go at it so why not make it a fantastic one and live life to the fullest and choose to be happy and you might find your experience of life gets better everyday.

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