Wednesday, June 12, 2013

7 Tips to Handle Pre-Retirement Depression

You are already fifty, and as early as now, you are already asking yourself the question, "What will I do when I retire?"

Retirement actually causes a lot of stress, and unfortunately, you feel it even before it happens. You become anxious or even depressed, and unless you resolve your issues right away, this supposed-to-be mild emotion becomes dangerous and deadly.

Here are top 7 tips in overcoming depression:

1. Save up or invest.

One of your greatest concerns is your finances. Will you be able to survive with your pension and insurance? That is why even before you retire, you should start saving up a lot of money. It is also the best time to invest in several types of portfolios, such as mutual funds, stocks, and bonds. They can earn you a lot of money with the least effort.

2. Start volunteering.

Is retirement making you feel unproductive or worthless? Volunteer in organizations, especially in those that you know you can greatly contribute. If you are a psychologist, look for anti-violence centers. If you have deep love for pets, apply in animal shelters. Volunteering makes you realize you still count for something.

3. Bring yourself much closer to the world.

Avoid getting more depressed by being alone. Surround yourself with family and friends, or bring yourself much closer to society. If your children are settled in Ohio, consider buying a property there. You and your partner can purchase an apartment in metropolitan cities where sources of entertainment are aplenty.

4. Plan ahead.

Instead of thinking about what you can no longer do after you retire, dream about those that you can. It is the most ideal time to be more rewarding, particularly to yourself.

You can already schedule travels, hobbies, and activities you have not pursued because of work. Before you know it, you can hardly wait to retire.

5. Keep yourself fit.

Compounding your stress is sickness. You think about your retirement funds going down the drain. You cannot really live your remaining years to the fullest.

Start taking care of yourself more as you age. Eat the right kind of diet, exercise, keep your mind alert by reading, and maintain a positive outlook in life.

6. Continuously inspire yourself.

When depression kicks in, you should inspire yourself a lot harder. Hey, your life does not end when you retire. But if this idea does not really sink in, you may want to use subliminal messages.

Referred to as affirmations, subliminal messages can motivate individuals to be the best they can be by changing their present negative mind-set. They are best used together with visualization.

When you are feeling down, listen to subliminal messages that deliver messages of hope, acceptance, and self-love.

7. Fight depression.

There is always a depression hotline you can dial if you need someone to talk to. You can also watch out for the warning signs of depression. If you feel less sociable, moody, violent, or deeply sad most of the time, ask for professional help.

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