Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Depression in Children - Symptoms and Cure

There is a common concept among people that only adults go through depression. There are major cases of child depression which go unnoticed as it's taken as moods swing or child tantrums. Most of the parents fail to recognize depression among their children. The causes of depression in children are the excessive pressure of study and competition from an early age, fear of failure, physical abuse, sexual abuse and sense of inferiority, fear of bullies at school or decease of a parent.

Most reasons of depression in children are similar to those in case of adults. One among every 20 children suffers a threat of an acutely disabling depression before 19 years of age. Among this percentage of young adults suffering from stress and depression, less than half receive proper treatment. There has been an increase in the percentage of children and adolescents having suicidal tendencies.

The symptoms of depression in children also start from over stressing them. The pressure of getting high grades, competition, performance and multi-tasking, bring about early signs of depression in a tender age.

Mood swings, losing appetite, throwing tantrums, becoming silent, being sad and start crying on negligible issues, loss of physical activity and loss of interest in something that pleased them the most, are the signs of depression among children. Along with least communication with family members, less energy, feeling of guilt and extreme rebellious nature are also signs of depression. Depressions among adolescents have similar symptoms but their stress may also lead them to drug abuse, addiction or suicide.

For helping the children come out of depression, first responsibility is of their parents to identify the signs of depression. Parents should be like friends to their children in order to find out, what is actually bothering them. If the children feel comfortable sharing their worries with their parents, then it becomes easier to find out and cure the cause of depression in them.

Depression in children should first be treated by counselling or psychotherapy. Unless the depression has reached its heights, children and adolescents are advised for counselling. The talk therapy helps the psychiatrist to find out the main reason of their depression.

Treatment of depression also has prescribed anti-depressant drugs for patients. This medicinal treatment has proven to be very effective and in most cases it recovers the patient completely from depression. Though some anti-depressants' high doses cause insomnia. Other forms of treatments for depression are vagus nerve stimulation or VNS and electro-convulsive therapy or ECT.

However, there is a new method now, to beat depression, called Linden's Method with success rate of 96% and more than 120,000 people have benefited from it already. The Linden Method is an instructional and guidance program that finds its roots in research of the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

When one purchases the Linden Method Program one receives material guidance goods, full quality support and a wealth of information. The package includes an E-book or a instructional publication of 200 pages. It also includes 10 CDs with audio programs and a DVD with a video program. The package also brings with it phone assistance and counseling for a year, with no limit on the amount of times or duration that one can call for.

All this comes with a money back guarantee that promises to return the cost price of the product to the buyer if he/ she does not experience any change after the prescribed one year of the program application.

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