Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Friend Who Listens, Just Listens!

There will be days when your Blackberry rings in silence and bare is your e-mail box of personal e-mails from a friend. There will be days when you need to talk, or go to lunch, and everyone is busy. There will be days your boss and co-workers have the temperament of an old goat. There will be days when you're so weary; you don't know how you'll get through the next few hours of your workload. Or face household chores. There will be days when rejection hunts you down and your heart needs pumping up.

There will be days when you'd like to put your friends and family up for sale. There will be days when someone misinterprets the goodness of your intentions -and you feel misunderstood. There will be days when challenges appear larger than your strength. There will be days when your priorities argue... And days when life seems unfair!

Then... there will be days when your ideals and aspirations soar heavenwards and you'd love to share them with a friend. Or tell of meaningful joys in your day. Or solicit advice for a significant decision. Or you hear a great quote, story or joke- a recommendation of a book or movie and think, "My friend would love to hear about this."

There is a friend who will stick closer than a brother. A faithful comrade. A companion who will tell you the truth. A friend who will remind you God's denials are better yet God's delays. Or that perhaps He has something better in mind. A pal who will pull out the gifts in you. And accept the worst you offer. A buddy who listens...just listens. A companion who will help sift the chaos within and refill the empty places. A friend who will warm up your heart on those days when your heart's so cold if you opened it a light would come on.

This friend- is a "Journal".

Short of flagging down the mail-carrier, kicking the cat, yelling at your spouse, or wearing out that empathetic friend or family member; perhaps a journal is a friend it's time to call. On those days when even your pet yawns and rolls over as it hears that certain tone in your voice...let's face it. We can all use another friend.


If you have created a To-Do List- you've fashioned a journal of sorts. If you've prepared a lesson plan, a Sunday School lesson, a business plan, a speech for the PTA, or kept a food log; if you've written in a diary as a young child, you have what it takes to capture and experience all the benefits of this new friend.

You don't have to be a writer to journal. Nor a touchy-feely sort of person. Anyone can utilize this friend to unwrap the best gifts God has placed in them, thereby creating an improved you, a better life, and a great future.


A journal is like your favorite chair or preferred selection of coffee or tea. It suits you. It fits you. It can be a trustworthy friend in each season of your life.

Think of a journal in this way...your photo albums reflect special occasions and physical changes. A journal reflects proof of mental growth, emotional education, and spiritual progress. It captures parts of your life a photo cannot access.


o A journal can be a net for catching your days. Cesar Millan, star of the television series The Dog Whisperer, encourages us to learn from our pets-to them every day is Christmas: "Take time every day to celebrate the many gifts that are hidden in the ordinary events of your life."

o My friend Barbara utilized a journal to help her through post-partum depression.

o If you've ever wanted to send your emotions to school, a journal is a great educator. Reserve angry, hurtful words for your journal. Your spouse, kids, or pet will forever be grateful. Publius, the Greek sage, admitted: "I have often regretted my speech, never my silence."

o Rather than rely on memory, which most people boast is short-lived, a journal can be your brain's best friend. A post-it-note of sorts for capturing ideas, quotes, or names you'd like to remember. How many times do we say, "I can't remember names."

o A journal can be the book you'd like to write. Many reveal to me, they'd love to write a book, but affirm they don't have the time or patience. I love to remind them that a book leaks out one word and one sentence at a time. Few are the writers who have time, money, or patience to sit down and spend hours writing.

o Like photo albums, a journal is a memorial...a log...a legacy for future generations. Your heart, your ideals, your thoughts are on paper. Just as your checkbook records your financial deposits, a journal records anything from a grocery list to plans for a new home-it's there to catch the bits and pieces and weave them into a fantastic life.

If you prefer a journal to be a private matter; if you fear there's a "journal peeper" in your midst, you can do as one of my friends does. She codes. Develop a short-hand of sorts if your journal is for your eyes only.


As often as you like and whenever you need it. You're never too busy to pull out the best in your days. A journal holds so many surprising benefits; you may find your time with this new friend- the best part of your day!

A faithful friend, who can find? There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother and helps you finish strong. One day when you stand before your Maker and He asks? "Who is this standing beside you?" As you introduce your new companion, surely He might declare: "I see your new friend helped unravel the best I placed within you. Well done, thou good and journaling servant."

Libba Narron Lewey (穢2009 All Rights Reserved Worldwide)

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