Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Depressed and Lonely - Am I Normal Or Do I Need Help?

If you are feeling depressed and lonely, there are several ways to deal with this very common emotional and psychological issue depending on from where these issues stem in your personal life. Most people at some point in their lives feel lonely and depressed and it's normal to feel that way especially after experiencing some traumatic event or disappointment in life that is particularly related to personal relationships. Losing a family member or friend to death is a significant reason for many to feel alone and down emotionally. Complications in an important relationship with a spouse, child, parent or friend can also leave one feeling extremely lonely. Divorce and misunderstandings can cause a person to feel as badly as if a death in the family has occurred.

While these are common issues that cause anyone to feel deeply hurt, alone and may bring on short term depression, many people are able to cope with and climb out of these deep chasms of emotional darkness. Normal channels of support and the healing power of time can eventually help bring a person back to a normal balance in life. However, there are many people who constantly feel depressed regardless of positive changes in circumstances, loving support from family and friends, and adequate time to heal from some of life's storms. If you have reached a place where you can't seem to find balance in life, you may need to consider the fact that you could be one of the 19 million people in America who suffer from mild to severe depression.

Feelings of extreme loneliness is only one of the many symptoms that plague those who suffer from a depressive condition. Other symptoms can include extreme fatigue all the time, lack of concentration, feeling of worthlessness, increasing physical aches and pains, inability to sleep or sleeping too much, and thoughts of suicide. Many cases of mild to moderate depression can be dealt with through self help formats and support groups as well as through counseling methods. These various treatments can make a huge difference and put a sufferer on the road to psychological recovery without resorting to medications and help through mental health facilities.

More stubborn cases of depressive disorders such as clinical depression, bipolar disorder, severe postpartum depression and schizophrenic require serious intervention and treatment protocols in order to offer relief to the sufferer. While there are particular symptoms that relate to each category of depressive disorders, clients who require treatment generally always indicate that they feel depressed and lonely much of the time. In these cases, a combination treatment plan is usually implemented by mental health professionals that include addressing the various symptoms with counseling, medications, enlisting family support and close monitoring of the individual.

Again, there are many reasons why you may feel alone and down. Therefore, it is important that you determine if you are just experiencing the normal reactions to the ups and downs of life or if you actually need help in coping with overwhelming feelings that are negatively affecting your well being. If you suspect you need assistance in dealing with being depressed and lonely all the time, please actively pursue help that can bring balance back into your life.  

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