Monday, June 17, 2013

Can Pain Cause Fear, Anxiety and Depression?

Fear and anxiety are a normal part of life, even adaptive in many conditions. Mental health professionals say that pain cause fear, anxiety and depression. Such problems eliminates productivity and significantly intrudes on an individual's quality of life, and for which friends, family and even the patient can find no obvious cause. Studies have shown that stressful life events both positive and negative like marriage, graduation and birth of a baby may have a part in influencing anxiety, fear and even depression. Anyone at any age could experience these and as experts say, heit gourlay pain seems to play a part in its development. Women are twice as likely to suffer from anxiety and depression as men, researchers are continuing to study why this happens.

Panic cause fear, anxiety & depression and even clouds one's thinking and makes everything looks negative. It breaks one's world that it seems feel like nothing is exciting anymore. Fear, anxiety and depression can change one's thoughts and feelings. In the same way that the negative thoughts can create anxiety about different situations.

Severe anxiety and fear can lead to depression. Most common forms of anxiety are not serious and can even be helpful. It can improve your physical abilities and make you more focused on the task of facing the particular challenge in your life. However, severe anxiety is something which can affect your life in many negative ways and can cause a lot of pain. Severe anxiety can even change the person's behaviour and can actually stop you from doing things you need to do on a daily basis.

While others say pain cause fear anxiety depression, there can also be other factors that may contribute such as stress at work or from school, stress in a personal relationships, financial stress, emotional trauma, serious medical illness, side effect of medication, use of an illicit drug like cocaine, lack of oxygen or a symptom of a medical illness. The doctor has the often-difficult task to determining which symptoms come from which causes.

Fear, anxiety and depression can be something you thought you have no control of. It may feel so physical and finding ways to overcome it feels hard. Scientists and researchers are learning more about the factors that cause the development of the problems. Scientists have three potential causes, have broke them down into three parts, brain chemistry, heredity and life experiences. There is no exact evidence for these causes but others point that pain can cause all of these problems.

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