Saturday, June 22, 2013

Clutter Depression - How to Beat the Guilt Over Your Cluttered Home

A messy home is an extremely common problem in our country, as our consumer driven society buys more and more products to put in our homes. Guilt due to a having a cluttered home can eat you up inside, and make you feel almost paralyzed and unable to act. There are important concepts for you to realize that will equip you to start overcoming your problems. These three points will help you to bring your life into a little better focus and get a grip on your issues with clutter, helping you beat the clutter depression that has invaded your life.

  • Do not beat yourself up. Getting down on yourself is not a good way to approach this problem. It is only natural for us to tie our home to our own personal worth, it is after all it is our home.

  • You are not alone. Even the most organized librarian has a secret little disorganized part of their life. We all have to deal with clutter in our lives at some point. For some people it is their home, others its their finances or their relationships. Do not feel like you are alone, or that no one has it as bad as you. It is part of our human nature to be both organized and disorganized.

  • Starting is the hardest part. I can not stress enough the truth of this point. Deciding to get to work is always harder than the work itself. When you attack a job, and break it up into bite size sections, you can not imagine how happy you will feel once you accomplish your goals of an ordered and peaceful life.

The guilt you might be feeling due to your cluttered home can be like a cancer in your life, eating away at your happiness. Putting your problems into focus and deciding to start overcoming the clutter will set you on the road to bringing back your joy and making your home an relaxing place to be again.

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